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Michael J. Fox as Tim Alexander
Josh Charles as Randy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raegan_butcher 10 / 10

hilarious black comedy--criminally under-appreciated.

I went to see this at the Seattle International Film Festival in 1995. I went because the synopsis sounded interesting. Plus the guy who had written and directed it was connected with the Simpsons, surely a major plus when it comes to comedy. The audience was filled with teenage girls, obviously drawn by the name of Jason Priestly on the marquee. It made the subsequent viewing of the film THAT much funnier (well, at least to me) to sit there and wonder what these girls were thinking as the film progressed and Priestly started killing folks with such wonderful deadpan indifference. This movie is incredibly funny. Peter Reigert is top-flight comedy gold in every scene he has as the burned-out veteran hit-man but the real revelation is how funny Jason Priestly can be when given a chance. His character here is almost like Peter Sellers from BEING THERE; he is so impassive and deadpan, yet the film revolves around his performance and it must be good for a film like this to work; well, Priestly delivers. His character is goofy and sweet and yet somehow chilling too in his casual attitude to murder. Why this film has languished in total obscurity is a mystery. When i saw the film, most of the audience didn't know what to think; the teenage girlies were rather shocked;they didn't find it amusing to see their 90210 heartthrob pistol-whipping people before icing them, but I did. When the film ended, the director, Wallace Wolodarsky, was just sitting there, alone.He had introduced the film briefly beforehand and said he'd be happy to field questions when it was over. I approached him (since no one else was going to) and I think I frightened him a bit with my exuberance; I had a shaved head at the time and i looked a bit weird and I said, too loudly, "That movie was brilliant! It was hilarious!" He said,"Thank you," and slowly backed away from me. I thought, "Well, you can't win them all." And I left him in the theater filled with people who didn't understand his movie.

Reviewed by strat-8 10 / 10

Hidden Gem

This little film is so tasty. I will bet you that you cannot think of a character in another movie that is similar to that of Cosmo. There is a hole in this man's soul where his moral compass should be, and we like it! I can see why Michael J. Fox liked this project. Its got the Teen Wolf kind of humor but its played completely straight. Not strictly a gangster movie. I hate gangster movies. This I loved.

Reviewed by pdavis68 10 / 10

Excellent flick

I can't believe this movie doesn't have a higher rating (although 6.6 isn't that bad on IMDB). I'm not a Jason Priestley fant at all, but he is just fantastic in this movie. The story is totally strange, very low-budget it some ways, but it has some great acting by Priestley and Peter Riegert.

Although her part is small, Kimberly Williams is also impressive and the bit parts of Michael J. Fox, Talia Balsam (his movie wife, though very short lived, no pun intended), Janeane Garofalo, are also great.

Robert Loggia can't be a bad actor in anything, so we don't even have to bring him up.

This is my favorite "unknown" movie. It seems few people have seen it and I will buy it the second it comes out on DVD. I catch it on cable every chance I get. Yes, I did rate it a 10!

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