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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ethSin 5 / 10

Another poorly made Gekijou-ban anime

The animated series is one of my favorite series of all time, but I found the movie to be very weak. There was a significant change in character setting and scenarios, which was great, but this story is way too long to be compressed into a 100-minute movie. The end result was a rushed plot development, and the movie ended without the audience being able to connect with any of the characters.

The animation wasn't as impressive as the TV series, and I thought there were way too many still-pictures, which seemed like laziness. Lighting seemed too bright as well, though I guess they were trying to illustrate the dreaminess of the story. Kyoto Animation (which produced the TV series) once again impresses me with the animation quality compared with Toei.

Another fatal mistake was changing the "Dango Big Family" song, which was a masterpiece to anyone who has seen the TV series.

For those who has seen the TV series, I'm sure this movie would feel lacking in comparison, and those who hasn't probably can't keep up with the accelerated story development. Watch the anime series.

Reviewed by dallasryan 8 / 10

Very Good!

First off, I admit I never saw the series of Clannad, so perhaps I would have been biased in watching this film if I would have seen the series, but I did not, so as I watched this film "Clannad", I was pleasantly surprised, I loved it! It was a movie that was completely unpredictable. I felt I knew which way this film was going but then it would go in different directions to where I never knew how the film would end, and I loved that about this Film.

Some really deep concepts about the beauty of life, dreams, soul mates, true love, and living your life(no matter what happens). Very deep film all around, I was very delighted with this film.

Also, I love Hayao Miyazaki films, but sometimes, as brilliant as they are, one gets tired of the constant theme that each of his films drive home about loving all creatures in life, loving mother earth, taking care of all living things, etc.(Of course, all great things we should do as people though). So it was nice to see a story that was different along the lines of this kind of animation.

Again, I love Hayao Miyazaki films, it was just nice and refreshing to see a different concept played out in an animation film like this.

I would recommend this film for all ages, as there is something for everyone in it. And who doesn't love the 3 lead characters in this one, they're so much fun to watch! I highly recommend watching this one.

Reviewed by NexusHUB 8 / 10

An amazing film

I must start out by saying people put strikes against this movie because they thought they had changed things that were so good in the show, mainly the song "Dango Daikazoku". These people are mistaken, nothing was changed. The movie came BEFORE the show, so those strikes should not exist.

I guess the main reason people didn't like this movie was because of the quality of the show. I watched the movie first, and with an open mind, and found it amazing. Sure, some parts got very goofy, but most of the scenes did really well in giving the characters personality. Sure, you didn't get back stories for anyone, but that would make the movie too long. This was still a very deep, emotional movie. It really makes you think.

The ending was something the movie really had over the show. Don't get me wrong, I still adore the ending to the show, but the movie ending had a much better metaphor and was more believable. No matter how much I love the show, I still look at the movie as the bit of nostalgia that really hooked me on Clannad.

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