Christmas with Holly


Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 2985


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Sean Faris as Mark Nagle
Eloise Mumford as Maggie Conway
Jean Yoon as Ms. Dylan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asascy 10 / 10

Call Me Oldfashioned....Heartwarming!

I have read other reviews posted, saying it was sappy with uninteresting characters and I say, NOT! If you are the type of person who attends film festivals and thrives on subtitles, maybe so. If you just need a plain old fashioned heart warming tale, this is it! Needless to say, I purchased it for my collection. I am a hopeless romantic and I love Christmas, so this was a given. I think it is a wonderful story of love lost and love found, of family trials and the enduring spirit of a families ties. I say give it a chance and you will not leave without shedding a tear or bursting out in joyous laughter. I have five brothers, so the brother scenes are a hoot! Break out the popcorn and tissues!

Reviewed by missemili-38578 10 / 10

Heartwarming and charming...

Love, love, love this film. I watch it every holiday season multiple times! Keeps perfectly in tone with what Hallmark has always been known for, perfectly simplistic heartfelt movies. And olive the Basset Hound is truly adorable, too!

Reviewed by IslandGal0956 10 / 10

A Christmas movie for all seasons!

If I could, I'd give this movie a 10-plus vote! In a word, it's *MAGICAL*.

I bought the DVD and I watch it from time to time *throughout the year*! (most frequently during the winter holiday season).

This is a truly uplifting, *feel good* movie.

I loved and understood how Holly bonded with her Uncle Alex. Growing up, Alex had apparently been picked on and made fun of (presumably because he was an extremely bright science nerd), which made him feel like an outsider. Holly was only 6 when she lost her mother, stopped talking, and in her grief withdrew from those around her and became an outsider.

So, it's not surprising that when Holly begins to speak again and she's asked which of the three Nagel brothers is her "favorite uncle", she looks at each of them carefully, then breaks out into a smile and declares "Uncle Alex" !! I also liked how the initially cantankerous relationships among the three Nagel brothers gradually evolved into kindness, understanding and respect.

Scott, who owns his own construction company and is juggling his job with remodeling his own house, starts out as grouchy and gruff. Alex seems to be a perpetual student, working on a Dissertation in marine biology, funded by academic grants. Mark, the youngest of the three, co-owns the local coffee house in Friday Harbor and is Holly's legal guardian -- but as Cara, Mark's business partner, points out -- Mark is "more than that".

There are so many heart-warming scenes throughout this movie, but one of my favorite moments is a funny one -- it's the scene on the staircase in Scott's house when Alex and Holly are sitting next to each and he turns to Holly and says "don't go in my room" !! The look on Holly's face is priceless!

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