Chi è senza peccato....

1952 [ITALIAN]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 90


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ulicknormanowen 7 / 10

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

You do not change a winning team :after "i figlio di nesseno " , past master of melodrama Raffaello Matarazzo meets again Amadeo Nazzari , Yvonne Sanson and French Françoise Rosay (cast again as comtessa , not Pamieri ,but Canali this time.

A comtessa who plays a prominent part in Maria's downfall ;France never gave Rosay such nasty hypocrit parts! To save her ne'er- do -well grandson,she sacrifices the girl he got pregnant and then her sister ,the unfortunate Maria(Sanson) suffers ,suffers ,and suffers : prison, the loss of her husband (by proxy ), illness , poverty ,you name it ;husband (Amadeo Nazzari) and wife are separated by the Atlantic ocean , and ,it's unusual,both stars have little time together on screen .

If you do not like melodrama,you must move on;if you do,like me,this is your cup of tea, melo with a capital M;the screenplay is dense and will send you tearing to an entire box of kleenex ; Sanson is touching as the so-called mater dolorosa ; like her ,a specialist of the genre (see also 'tormento" where they are both featured ) , he gives a restrained effective performance .Rosay is masterful as the selfish comtessa (selfish till the very end) who ,pretending to help Maria ,plunges her into misfortune .

Reviewed by clanciai 10 / 10

Love and marriage in separation in the mountains of Italy and Canada with great complications

This is an amazing story, apparently originated by Lamartine, "Genevieve", but here it is turned into a typical Matarazzo film full of pathos, suffering, atrocious ordeals and great human endurance under impossible and sometimes inhuman conditions, leading to injustice, incarceration, and no end to human tribulations. Francoise Rosay is impressingly magnificent as the grandmother who has to send her favourite grandson to Buenos Aires to conceal his roguery in making a poor young girl pregnant, who then leaves a son and dies. Her sister has to take care of the baby and is charged and sentenced for having tried to do away with it, and that's the drama. The most interesting scene is perhaps the wedding, when she (Yvonne Sanson) and her lover in Canada (Amedeo. Nazzari) separated by the Atlantic, nevertheless carry through their wedding, a regular Catholic wedding, and they actually never separate although they try to. It's a deeply fascinating and moving story finding new ways of developing its great emotional pathos all the time, and the end is the greatest surprise of all. Yvonne Sanspn was never more beautiful, Amedeo Nazzari was never more likeable in eloquently restricted delicacy, and Raffaello Matarazzo probably never made a more romantic film.

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