Chasing Wonders



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Reviewed by martinguenzl 9 / 10

Beautiful, captivating, meaningful

I saw this movie in Adelaide when it premiered and didn't know what to expect. It's not the genre of movie I personally would immediately choose. How lucky was I to give it a try.

This movie has a storyline that draws you in, with strong characters interacting around a young boy much like tornado winds blow around the eye of a storm.

It's billed as a coming-of-age movie, but I found it had deep undercurrents of family dynamics and tensions, with past memories affecting present relationships.

The cinematography was breath-taking; from the sweeping views across the Flinders Ranges and the night-time desert skies to the Spanish countryside, with all its colour.

I loved the script. One minute, we're experiencing dialogue with that cheeky Aussie charm and sarcastic humour; next, we're in the middle of a heavy confrontational scene.

For me, the grandfather (played by Edward James Olmos, who also narrated), was the star. His charisma and presence on the screen was huge.

Ultimately, the movie will entertain and uplift you, as well as resonate with anyone who has experienced complex family relationships ... and that's probably everyone.

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