Action / Crime / Thriller

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Roark Critchlow as Detective Smith
Emily Holmes as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zkzuber 1 / 10

Pass it to some one you hate

Don't know but this kind of movie indie movies are very low budget boring useless types. Don't know if some one actually watches this kind of stuff. Invite your enemy and make him sit throughout this kind movie I am sure he will never repeat mistake of visiting you.

Reviewed by ops-52535 1 / 10

unchain yourself...

From homemade faderullandei, an amateur that wish to become the next big black american filmaker, right there on the streets of new york. I bet the casting is done on a street corner with the filmaker standing with a 4 sided poster vest over his shoulder, offering a buck or two to those who wants to become a famous actor. The rehearsals is done with the dialougelines written on a yellow post it to the girls and a blue for the boys, green for the hudlums and purple for the policepeople.

The acting is just terrible, the angst in their eyes when the camera comes too close to the action is shining through all the way.

Production is hd mobilecameraworthy, filmed like being on a stormy ocean on a cruiseship with non functioning stabilizer fins, the close ups are as mentioned so close that the actors loose their line, and the plotting and continuity of the story is obviously obliviously forgotten and the sound recording and shooting locations are not prepared at all for a film shoot. In the start of the film one culprit threats with a gun, a gun that he is obviously very frightened to take out of his pocket in case neighbourhood watch should be around.

No, this is made for the filmmakers next family party after the corona has flamed out, its not good or engaging at all, i give one for the effort of making a full feature lenght film, the story and acting is at street level, which means the grumpy old man couldve been in there somewhere. Skip this one till they have become famous.

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