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Samuel L. Jackson as Tom McCourt
John Cusack as Clay Riddell
Isabelle Fuhrman as Alice Maxwell
Stacy Keach as Charles Ardai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fallen Eye 4 / 10

Yhip, Bad Call.

Look, this movie is not good. However, it being as bad as it is doesn't bother me all that much, maybe because it's the kind of bad that must've been so obvious to everyone involved, but the consensus was to still release it because hey, it wasn't "produced" for free and money doesn't grow on trees.

I don't even think Samuel L. Jackson acknowledges this film.

You have Cusack figuring out that the mania is caused by phones in like, immediately. The head master has well, mastered these "foners/phoners" in like, immediately. You have Cusack's interpretation of these "phoners" as them being linked to some kind of organic network??? What? How is that your first conclusion... At least pretend that you think zombies exist before making such an accurate assessment. Damn Cusack.

Perhaps I shouldn't even talk about that CG... I don't know.

Then we have the how easily the "heroes" choose to kill/burn these things, before even at least trying to have a conversation on whether or not it's possible to save them... Just a conversation guys, we're not asking you go out and actually do it.

How about that conversation Samuel and Cusack had on; "How did they all know where we were that fast"? Firstly, honestly, I don't even understand that question. What does the "fastness" of it have to do with anything? Also, I don't know Samuel, I'll take a SHOT in the dark, unlike you who took it in broad daylight and say; "Uhm, you shot a rifle, they heard it, they saw you".

And should we talk about that ending? Truthfully, if we did, I wouldn't know what to say. 3.5/10.

P.S. Cell isn't necessarily bad, well I mean it's bad, it really is, but, it's not bad perhaps, more than it is clearly incomplete, and that's well, bad.

Reviewed by darthMisaskernew 2 / 10

The worst King adaptation in years?

This movie is just awful. Not a single good thing about it. I remember being so excited when they announced a theatrical adaptation of Cell, because like it was one of his most underrated stories as well as one of the few that HADN'T been made yet. And then they threw in massive stars like Sam Jackson, John Cusack, and Stacy Keasch? But they messed it all up! This movie is absolutely nothing, NOTHING like the original story, except for the very vague plot and character names. The book was filled with mystery and thrills but nope, not this movie! I guess maybe the creators thought using the original source material was a bad idea? If that is the case then WHY EVEN MAKE A MOVIE VERSION AT ALL??? I understand changes must be made but why change everything?? This movie is not smart or scary at all, no thrills or chills, just boring. SO BORING. The actors are so bored and have the same "yeah, whatever" faces. Sam Jackson is the only character with personality, and that is because he is just playing Sam Jackson. The story is also super confusing and makes no sense. Oh and the CGI is almost as bad as Jeepers Creepers 3...yeah, that bad. It looks like it belonged in a cartoon on Nickelodeon! So yeah, bad movie. And the ending is a huge middle finger to anyone who liked the book. Just...wow...what an awful movie.

Reviewed by Floated2 2 / 10

Lack of suspense and thrills

Cell is essentially a Stephen King book adaptation film, in which was not as it turned out to be. With a limited release, Cell did not adapt well to critics and fans and has been criticized as well as forgotten. Characters played by John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, and Isabelle Fuhrman search for family members while occasionally stopping off to meet and kill both creatures and unstable humans alike, their crew growing and diminishing in predictable waves of tragedy and triumph. Overall the film is almost studiously forgettable in the age of The Walking Dead. A complete lackluster zombie film which feels silly in the end.

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