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Jodelle Ferland as Young Celine
Enrico Colantoni as Rene Angelil
Samantha Weinstein as Margaret
Peter MacNeill as Adhemar Dion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlegare333 2 / 10


First of all, I have nothing against Americans. But I really think a bio about Céline should be done with quebecer actors, and done in french, her original language. Actually, it should be done in french AND English because it's the two languages she uses, but mainly in french, with Quebec accent. English speakers would use subtitles. It's the only way you can truly represent their reality. She and René would not interact in English in a dialog between themselves.

Also, they did not present any of her songs in french, which was her career until she was 20. But I give the benefit of the doubt to the producers because I heard they didn't earned the rights for her early songs. She is an international star, but you can't get pass her origins.

I don't know what to think about interpretation. You don't want to fall in caricature, but it did not seem like her. It wasn't HER voice. The characters not looking alike didn't help. (The only time I thought there was a resemblance was when she opened the door in red(after her one-year break), but that was it. Everything was weird, her sisters were not portrayed nicely. (They laugh at her, despise her a bit) We know Céline has a very united family, I don't think her sisters would have said something like this.

The time line is confused. She returned when she was 18, not left. She and René married December 17th, 1994, Titanic got out in 1997. I surely doubt they discussed about the song 4 years before.

Funny detail, they made her mom thin and her dad chubbier when it's the opposite. Her dad was as thin as a pipe.

I still liked it a little because I like everything done about Céline, but I understand why it was unauthorized...

Reviewed by gittelgirl 6 / 10

Good movie, just not an accurate account

I enjoyed this movie, as TV movies go. There are no shocking spoilers; I think most people know the story of Celine's rise to fame and fortune and her relationship with Rene Angelil. We see Celine as a little girl, performing for her family, and at her brother's wedding. Once Rene hears her sing, he is willing to risk his marriage and finances to make her a star. Celine grows up and ends up having to hide her romantic relationship with Rene. Where I felt the producers took license with her actual life time line began with the moment she and Rene speak with the writer of "My Heart Will Go On", the theme song from the movie "Titanic". While it is true that Celine took this song and the movie to amazing heights, the movie suddenly crunches this event and the occurrence of their marriage and birth of their son in to a very short period of time. I think it would have better served viewers to have an explanation of events that occurred after that period of time. Overall, though, it is fairly well acted, and Enrico Colantoni looks amazingly like Rene Angelil.

Reviewed by achba 9 / 10

Lots of heart in this movie. Well Done!

It has always been much easier to criticize things than to build them. I find the degree to which some have criticized this film to be amazing . I thought the film quite good. You cannot expect real people to be captured exactly in film, as exact clones do not exist, and all biographical films are by necessity small sketches, as time is so short. This is a very warm story about a great family and a girl who worked her butt off and captured a dream. Perhaps it would have been more technically accurate to tell the story in French, as the first half of her career was all in French, but then 95% of her fans would not understand it. The actors did a marvelous job of showing us this family. Read the book for detail. It is good, and it was written in French, so you can get the detail there. It would be sad to miss this story. It makes your heart glad.

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