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Kayla Collins as Chelsea
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Reviewed by michaeltomorrow 1 / 10

No Sex, No Funny

A bunch of losers with no movie experience or talent make a film in order to meet girls. That's not the plot...that's what this movie IS. There's only two reasons to sit through a movie like this...boobs and jokes, of which there are none. Well, since I stomached most of the "unrated" version I think I actually saw a couple of boobs....but unless played-out, 1980's Urkle-esque jokes are your thing, there isn't a laugh to be had in the whole movie. There are some great, clever independent films out there with poor production value so I really don't judge on that. But the writing felt like it was done by middle school guys and the acting is almost a parody of itself. Not only isn't it worth seeing, it's not worth reviewing...but I sort of had to since there was one review here that was clearly written by someone associated with them film. No one, and I mean no one, else could find any value in this turkey.

Reviewed by Mathieas 1 / 10

A bland easily forgotten film.

I bought this movie because one of the actresses was in a project a long time ago that I really enjoyed and wanted to support her fledgling career. I should have saved my money. From the packaging, premise, and title one would think this was another direct-to-video raunchy sex comedy in the vein of the American Pie movies. In fact, the movie's climactic scene directly makes this comparison; nevertheless, this movie has neither raunch nor sex nor comedy. In almost every movie there is some redeeming quality, a decent performance, a few good jokes, some interesting scenery; however, the best way to describe this movie is bland. If it were food, it would be a bowl full of spaghetti without the sauce.

The movie is filmed as a fake documentary, which results in a series of very long, very flat, very boring shots. The first 30 minutes are a group of guys sitting around talking about making a movie, followed by the 'casting session,' a series of actresses reading snippets of unrelated dialog, followed by an extended party scene that culminates in a bunch of people jumping into a pool, something rarely seen on film. This scene is followed by a photo shoot with the very attractive female cast that instead focuses on the guys talking about the photo shoot. Free tip to future film-makers, if you are making a movie with terrible dialog and little action, yet manage to convince several attractive actresses to appear in it, point the camera at them!

There is simply nothing about this movie to recommend. The image quality is excellent, the audio intelligible, which implies while likely not a large one the film did have a decent budget. For the most part the cast, at least the female leads, all work steadily, even if in B-move fare, which implies they have both a degree of talent and appeal. Nonetheless, the finished product in an uninspiring, unremarkable, and easily forgotten movie. The movie is not shocking or horrible or offensive it is, as stated previously, simple bland.

Reviewed by vidacartwright 1 / 10

I kept saying to myself 'Its going to get better'!

This has got to be one of the worst films I have ever watched!!!

I was soo bored because it never got interesting and half of the actors were terrible, it was like they were reading the script instead of actually ACTING out the script. If this was done on good actors then I would actually have enjoyed it because the story line itself is a good idea. But it was like I was forcing myself to watch it simply because I felt like it had to get better I kept saying to myself 'Its going to get better' But sadly it didn't. I don't understand how the lead actor got that role I mean I can act better than that, I felt sooo annoyed at the fact that it was completely too fake, and the main actor especially could not act. My stress levels were really high watching this! I think I silently laughed once throughout the whole thing.

I wouldn't waste your time on this nothing interesting at all, after watching nearly all of it I had to click off it because it was that awful.

And if you do decide to watch it you will realise what I mean with the actors not being able to act! ('You had one job') .

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