Carry on Abroad



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Sidney James as Vic Flange
Joan Sims as Cora Flange
Kenneth Williams as Stuart Farquhar
Hattie Jacques as Floella
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pbbuffyhugs 10 / 10

Stupid what?!

After 'Carry On At Your Convenience' this is the funniest of the 70's Carry On movies. Featuring the fullest rota of team members since 'Carry On Doctor' this is an absolute delight that bears up on continued viewings just because it's so 'in-your-face-stupid'. Taking the pee out of foreigners for any one British is always funny-Peter Butterworth is fantastic as the hotel owner who thinks he's running the best place going despite the fact it's still being built and clearly has less stars than an x-factor knockout round and Hattie Jacques finally gets to cast off her matron persona as his constantly cussing bad tempered missus, she is brilliant in this. The dialogue in this is amongst the best in the series... Peter Butterworth continually calling Stuart Farquar (Kenneth Williams) MISTER FARKY-ARSE just sums up the feel good humour on display- indeed the best bit is the interchange between these two characters when they first meet:

Williams... I'm Stuart Farquar

Butterworth (Immediately)... Stupid What?


James... I think he was right the first time.

Classic Carry On. Another great exchange is when Sid James is Talking to June Whitfield:


Whitfield... I Tried It Once And Didn't Like It

James... Smoke?

Whitfield...I Tried It Once And Didn't Like It

James... That's Unusual

Whitfield... My Daughter's The Same

James... Your Only Child I Presume...!!

Talbot Rothwell at his best.

This was Charles Hawtrey's last 'Carry On' and subsequent entries in the series declined in quality. This is the last 'modern day' film in the classic run (Emmannuelle and Behind excluded- Talbot Rothwell and Sid were gone) and as such along with 'Dick' can be seen as one of the last of the True Carry on's. Just enjoy it for what it is, unpretentious and a bloody good laugh.

After 'Screaming' And 'At Your Convenience' my 3rd favourite 'Carry On' movie.

Brilliant. 10/10

ps, a previous reviewer of this film commented on a 'Missing Scene' that had Sid in a monk's robe.... The scene actually appears in 'Carry On Camping' and belongs to that film.

Reviewed by didi-5 8 / 10

Hell's Bells

Lots of people dismiss this as one of the weaker entries in the 'Carry On' series, but I think it represents the typical storyline and characterisations which showed the team at their best.

Here, Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, June Whitfield, Kenneth Connor, Jimmy Logan, Barbara Windsor, Charles Hawtrey, Peter Butterworth, Bernard Bresslaw, and Hattie Jacques liven up proceedings when they take a holiday in the most horrendous hotel and resort there is to stay in.

With a character name like 'Stuart Farquhar', Williams gets the brunt of a lot of the jokes with the hotel host (Butterworth) constantly mispronouncing all or both. And throw in a rainstorm, a bowl of punch, some monks, randy husbands and stuffy wives, and busty blondes, and you have the ingredients for a 'Carry On' success!

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 7 / 10

CARRY ON ABROAD (Gerald Thomas, 1972) ***

To begin with, I had previously caught a bit from this one on TV while channel-surfing when in London in September 1999! Like CARRY ON DOCTOR (1967), this is another multi-title offering: CARRY ON ABROAD, OR WHAT A PACKAGE, OR IT'S ALL IN OR, SWISS HOLS IN THE SNOW! While this is essentially a second-tier "Carry On", it proved to be consistently enjoyable – which is why I went for a higher rating than I had myself anticipated; even so, there are a bit too many gay stereotypes here and it's marred somewhat by the flat TV-style look.

Incidentally the hotel shenanigans which take up most of the running-time anticipate the FAWLTY TOWERS (1975) TV series. By the way, this turned out to be Charles Hawtrey's final "Carry On" – unfortunately, he doesn't get to do much…but, then, neither does Kenneth Williams as the tour leader (he's even given an unconvincing romance with a pretty young colleague). On the other hand, Peter Butterworth is at his best as the multi-purpose hotel manager who speaks in broken English (with Hattie Jacques as his massive and grumpy backwoods wife). Among the guests are Sidney James, who's married to Joan Sims but his eyes are constantly on Barbara Windsor!; Sims herself draws the attention of gallant but henpecked Kenneth Connor. There are also a number of youngsters thrown into the fray, as well as a manly Scot, and a group of monks (one of whom, Bernard Bresslaw, is allowed to strike a friendship with one of the girls – her companion, incidentally, is played by Sally Geeson from Norman Wisdom's WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE [1969], which I watched recently).

As I said, many hilarious gags revolve around the run-down condition of the unfinished hotel – but the scene shifts halfway through to an outing in town (which turns into a massive scuffle and lands the group in jail); the climactic farewell party, then, sees the hotel – literally on its last legs – as it's flooded and crumbling around them. CARRY ON ABROAD (on which a certain Sun Tan Lo Tion served as technical adviser) is one of the more satisfying latter-day efforts from the gang – but, ultimately, it's a notch below classic series titles such as CARRY ON COWBOY (1965), CARRY ON SCREAMING! (1966) and CARRY ON...UP THE KHYBER (1968).

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