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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siniajachannel 4 / 10

Come for entertaining, not the story

It's just a simple story about instagram influencer learned about the real meaning of life, that it's not just about getting likes and gaining followers, but about friendship and courage. Yup, just that. Nothing special but is quite entertaining. The plot was generic, predictable in many ways and you obviously know how its ended.

Reviewed by Movi3DO 1 / 10

Ironically Fake and Pretentious

Example of irony: when an actor, who is an Instagram influencer in real life, plays an Instagram influencer character that learned about life's not just about number of likes on social media.

So a new Brazilian movie just dropped on Netflix. Right after I read the synopsis and see the cover of this movie, I was pretty sure that this is gonna be a throwaway one.

And I was right. This is one of the most pretentious movies I have seen this year. Pretty much the first half of the movie was just these four annoying girls screaming and partying. I didn't even know what was going on. The plot was basic and predictable in almost every way.

Ah the acting. Screaming a lot doesn't mean you're a good actor. This movie felt like the ones where these actor-wannabe influencers or Youtubers made their debut. I didn't expect any good acting, and I was right.

The themes. When you try to preach too hard, you become fake and unnatural. There were many themes that the movies tried to throw at the audience: don't judge by the cover, be who you really are, know what is most important to you, and faith. Each of the four main character here had some background and revelation that reflected one of the themes. However, every single one of them were unjustified, sudden, unearned, and fake. I scratched my head at how these character came to these revelations.

And the most pretentious one was the main chick, who's supposed to learn that social media isn't about likes, BUT she constantly gained followers throughout the movie. Like what?!? How was she supposed to learn if she kept getting more famous?

Overall, this movie was a trap, especially the synopsis. I didn't expect much, but holy it's fake as heck. Don't even search up this movie. 0.5/10.

Reviewed by akrep-31872 1 / 10

Where are the old comedy movies?

It is very easy to make a comedy movie nowadays. 4 girls in bikinis. A little eroticism. The operation is ok. It's a very bad movie.

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