Action / Drama / Fantasy / Romance


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Tobias Menzies as Doctor
Jessica Raine as Miss Fontaine
Greg Wise as Mr. Bauer
Hannah Rae as Lara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spasticfreakshow 5 / 10

gorgeous visually, pacing and plot slow as watching paint dry

This would have made a beautiful short film, worthy of a higher rating, for acting, cinematography and concept; the actresses are as fetching as the scenery and it's a period piece - what's not to like. stretched too thin, repetitive scenes that drag on forever, and the pretty sand castle collapses as one falls asleep mid-scene. a central tenet of the plot is not well enough executed for suspension of disbelief, even for a die-hard fantasy/sci-fi fanatic like myself, who usually finds escapism preferable to hyper realism and has no patience for the 'suspension of disbelief' crowd. I haven't read the book, but it seems doubtful that this crucial detail wasn't more convincing on the written page, or that so little happened over such a long time. put a gel sleeping ice pack on your eyes, put Enya on in the background, burn some lavender incense and take a nap instead.

Reviewed by varrya-i 9 / 10

I think we have a new gothic story

I read previous reviews from other users, and found out that one of the biggest omission was, in their opinions "not enough vampirism" - reflection in the mirror, fangs, drinking blood, transformation into animals. But I think this movie no need all this confetti. In cinematography was a lot of difference in vampire nature and forces. For some obvious reasons the vampirism wasn't just a fairy tale - it interpreted as an illness. Pale skin, dreams looks deadly, absence of appetite. Looks close to many illness symptoms, isn't it? So here we have this type of vampirism - more realistic close to the occurrence of nature. We saw a lot of shots with nature itself, this is another sign. Young pretty girl was born as a left-handed, also she has curious mind and desires of knowledge, all of these features had been forbidden. Miss Fontaine was strict and religious in that manner where no one could be improper, in her interpretation. She wasn't holy she have been sinner. And when she finally found out all inopropriate evidences. She decided to "protect" Laura in same manner - forbides every unusial behaviors, right till the Carmilla death. But as we all see in last scene - Laura changed forever.

Reviewed by Xstal 1 / 10

'Do you believe in hell?'...

... says Lara prophetically to Carmilla, more likely referring to the reviews that would equate this to conjunctivitis with complications, a urinary tract infection with a full bladder, cysts in places you wouldn't want them or a severe case of smallpox. The most under-overexposed and clinically diagnosed Hades, grab the nearest stake and insert accordingly in any orifice of your choosing.

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