Can't Take It Back


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Noah Centineo as Jake Roberts
Lexi Atkins as Nicole
Ivanna Sakhno as Morgan Rose
Logan Paul as Clint Plotkin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hi_im_manic 3 / 10

Troubled from scene 1 onwards

One reviewer is either terribly confused or trolling by stating that this film is in any way about zombies. Surprise, No Zombies!

This is about high school seniors who find a deceased former classmates social profile and leave some nasty comments on it. Then each of them is haunted by a malicious spirit and discover that their cruel remarks cannot be apologized for nor "taken back".

The storyline seems cliched and unimaginative, even so, it could have been better written. Much of the acting is wooden though it's not the worst of 2017. The finished product is reads as a campy B-flick potpourri inspired by similar themes and it is unforgivably predicable. This one seems like it's the work of a film student/ first-timer and was hurriedly completed on a shoe-string budget. Many great films have been produced under them same constraints, but this isn't one of them. I agree with another reviewer that says this movie would appeal greatest to very bored teen girls.

Reviewed by rushknight 3 / 10

Overly sensitive ghost makes bullies feel bad.. again. Like all the rest, really.

It's not the worst movie. There are some good parts. The acting is not terrible, and there are some fine moments. As for scary parts, there are a few that were notable.

Unfortunately most of the film just falls into the "overdone" category. They were trying too hard to make a scary movie by using too many scary scenes, too much scary ambiance, way too many horror tropes without any new original spin on them, etc, etc. You can't scare people by inuring them in scary scenes, their potency fades almost immediately. After that, all you have left is a dreary collection of jump scares that have no effectiveness because the viewer has already been primed for them.

This alone could have made the film much more viewable: Less time being haunted and more time developing characters who were sorely in need of development.

An additional weakness that killed the immersion for me was the poor imitation of modern day technology and social media. Obviously the plot hinges on the use of social media as a means of bullying. But anyone who has used social media knows how it works (which is nearly everyone at this point) and they know that you can or can't do this, or that this program doesn't work like that, or it doesn't react this way, etc. There were literally sound effects from the older laptops in the early 2,000s played to "add realism" to the classy, sleek looking laptops of today. Didn't work at all for me.

There were just too many places where the technology used didn't reflect reality and it kept ripping me out of the film, literally screaming into my ear, "This is a movie, remember? We're trying to make it look real without violating any copyright laws."

It came off as very weak.

But the final iron nail in this bedroom door was the weakly conceived plot in the first place. Please, how many movies are going to keep beating this dead horse of school bullying? Apparently having someone post an embarrassing picture of you online is the last straw for our young people today? What childishness. Join the army or something. Don't be so fragile.

Unfortunately the writers simply did not make it seem real for the viewer, it came off as more of a cheap ethics punch, sort of like how the Saturday morning cartoons years ago used to play little clips after the episode to teach some moral lesson to kids who apparently couldn't glean it from the show. "Remember kids, bullying is bad, and you should feel bad."

Reviewed by andy-383-830048 2 / 10

Terrible and formulaic

One of the worse of the recent "social media horror" films.

Having watched "Smiley", had I realised that this was a social media horror starring a you tube vblogger I would have avoided. But I didn't realise and therefore wasted 90 minutes of my life.

Somebody is badly actedly mean to somebody online and therefore an unimaginative evil force seeks revenge. Yawn.

Terrible stuff. One character is so forced and unnecessary I wondered why it was in there... surprise surprise it was the you tube "star".

Unless you are a 14 year old girl with no attention span.... avoid,

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