Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Melora Hardin as Officer Sacks
Angela Sarafyan as Amber Reid
Edi Gathegi as Harlow Reid
Nicholas King as Ground Floor Watchman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stanlee107 4 / 10

Ill thought out

This is a prison drama where the protagonist spends most of his time in solitary confinement. Cue the clichéd sadistic prison guard as the protagonist piece together the crime for which he is convicted.

It could have been great but I did not buy into that. I think the film maker wants the viewer to side & sympathise with the "seemingly wronged" protagonist but it also poses the question that if he be was guilty then does that becomes null and void.

Reviewed by Nora_taylor 8 / 10


Prison films are usually not my thing but this movie is so much more. I love to delve into the psyche and this movie gave a thoughtful and realistic view of a mind spiraling into insanity. The acting was superb and the writing was so realistic that I found myself immersed in the drama of life in solatary confinement. Gathegi's portrayal of the Harlow character was riveting. I found the closing scene very provacative, inspiring a conversation with varied interpetations of what happened to the character. I really enjoyed this film, and would recommend it to anyone who appreciates good entertainment with a thought provoking message.

Reviewed by alex_pom 9 / 10


Thrilling, fast paced, and a very enjoyable watch are the first things that come to mind after viewing Caged. The cast is phenomenal. Gathegi's heart felt performance shoulders the dramatic weight of the film. Is Caged flawless, no. But... if you're a film fan looking to discover a talented new director, this film is one you should definitely see. The film is difficult to watch at times. In just under 90 minutes, the director makes a series of big choices that limits the perspective of the audience, creating a hypnotic atmosphere that's both claustrophobic and disturbing. Sticking to the protagonist's POV throughout film is bold, a decision that definitely makes this film seem fresh and unlike other prison projects. Would I have liked to see the supporting cast developed more, sure, though it would be a different movie, one I can't honestly say I'd be more excited to see. This seemed like a film with limited resources that cleverly leaned into a very relatable story about isolation. The filmmaker cultivated a legitimate sense of dread that stuck with me long after the credits rolled. I look forward to seeing what this director and his team do next.

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