By Night's End


Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 90


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Carlos Aviles as Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cahidi 5 / 10

This movie could use some more honest reviews!

The idea for this project is pretty good. But something felt not quite right. Could it be because it was just supposed to be a semi short film, like 30 to 40 minutes? But then someone in the production gets the idea to stretch it into more than an hour without proper thoughts on how not to spread it too thin. And I think that's what happened to this movie. It got too long for things that aren't significant. Like the scenes where they're looking for the hidden object that the bad guy. They weren't supposed to be that long. It made the movie felt so horribly boring! I was ready to stab my own eyes to make this movie stop! When will they finally find the object?! Of course I went with the more logical option, which was to fast forward through the rest of the searching scenes. I still think this movie deserves at least 5 stars for the acting. It's not too shabby. The fighting sequences could've used more choreography, though. They were so rough and disgraceful. In other words : the fighting sequences were lame.

Reviewed by dxdskg 1 / 10


Amateurs...So so bad...a horrible 'film'...Gaining points from cast's families as usual...

Reviewed by jcs_ic2 2 / 10

Horrible Movie

Badly written and badly acted. Would have been a good concept but horrible.

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