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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kkarnchanasri 1 / 10

A Google translated version of Black Swan followed by cliche ghost story. Shameless!

From the beginning until the former lead dancer (Vinona Riders) got hit by a car minus a mum. Word by word if you looked at the dialogue. That is the first half. If you've watched Black Swan, you'll see what I mean. If you've never watched Black Swan, go for it! Nothing wrong about being..er..whatever.

Never, ever waste your time on this photocopy rubbish.

I'm tired of fighting for justice. At least for Black Swan people. I'm just a mere movie watcher who knows too much. Getting bombarded on youtube for pointing out the truth. Don't know why I'm still doing this.

Copyright is there for a reason. The world should know when these things happen!

I can't forgive the copy for money making. Hence, 1 star for theft and forgery. That sounds about right if they don't have zero.

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