Bunnoui Yunrihak

2013 [KOREAN]

Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 161


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Lee Jehoon as Jung -Hoon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by parknourie 9 / 10

Nice directing effort and unique characters

In a year filled with lame dumb unoriginal flicks dominating the box office in Korea, this was a fresh and really solid effort of new direction.

The topic isn't for everyone's taste as this is cruel, violent and very disturbing. However, the characters are very unique with some excellent performances. Rising star Lee Jae-Hoon plays a police officer by day and screwed-up wiretapper by night. This is a character unseen in any other Korean films of the same year. He has the most screen appearance, but isn't the hero. In fact, there is no hero in this. There's only bad and the dead.

With each classic musical number another character linked to the whole incident is introduced. I felt like the characters revealed got more and more *beep* up, but that is up for debate. There is a whiny professor who has committed adultery, A philosophical gangster boss with a knack for foot fetish, The stalker who actually killed the dead girl, and an angry woman who wants to cover it all up. They are all linked to a woman who is dead during the film.

The direction was innovative and it was unlike any other money-making idiocies. At points, it's very (blackly) funny especially with the gangster who is played by Cho Jin-Woong. The story is a bit far-fetched but the dialogue funny and perfectly delivered ("Hey miss, call an ambulance..." "I'll hit everywhere except your hands" "You know I exercise a lot... Especially my lower body.").

Unfortunately, the marketing was poorly done (mostly because the distributors didn't spend enough money for it) and the trailers made it look like a thriller with R18 sex scenes. It's a shame.

In the end no-one gets away clean and that's something not many Korean films dare to end themselves with.

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