Bright Green Lies


Action / Documentary

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 182

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KellieStanley3345 10 / 10

Finally a film that tells the truth

This might not be what people want to hear, but it is honest, which cannot be said for most environmental films these days that tend to delude the audience with feel-good messages. Ultimately, false hope doesn't help the planet.

Bright Green Lies gives us the harsh reality. It gives us solutions. And the solution starts with being honest with ourselves.

Reviewed by justinmcaffee-1 10 / 10

No More Gaslighting

The solutions presented by our society are gaslighting the hell out of everyone into believing all we have to do is transition from fossil fuels to renewables. This is absolutely false. It will take a fundamental shift in what we value, not electric powered industrial civilization, if we are going to avoid our own extinction. Time to sound the alarm and this film is helping to turn up the volume.

Reviewed by theparticleandthewave 10 / 10

Based in real numbers and tons of references

This movie and the preceding book by the same name is the answer to anyone who thinks renewable energy is the solution to climate change. There is no evidence showing renewable energy would replace fossil fuel energy, indeed it will only add to it. Extraction from the earth is extraction from the earth - whether mining precious metals for solar panels and wind turbines, or removing mountaintops for coal (Which renewable energy relies on). Environmentalists today ignore the facts of production of "renewable" technologies which are just as destructive as fossil fuel technologies. Industrial capitalism/civilization needs to stop. Our consumptive lifestyles are collectively and quickly killing the planet. Will we give up our conveniences and electrical addictions before it's too late?

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