Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwin-wks 8 / 10

The tenth boundary: global human population

Johan says that the actions of humans alone in the past 50 years are responsible for pushing humanity and the planet out of the 10,000-year Holocene and into the Anthropocene. So it seems astounding to me that the global human population was not included as a critical boundary to the destabilization of the planet.

The global human population was just 3 billion in 1960 and it now sits at 7.9 billion, a 180% increase in less than a lifetime. Just as any farmland has a maximum capacity for the number of livestock, the planet must also have a maximum capacity for the number of humans that demands all of its resources.

Countries like Brazil have seen their populations tripled since 1960; there were 70 million Brazilians back then and there are 210 million now. As draconian and inhumane as China's one-child policy was, without it their population would be 2 billion, instead of 1.5 billion, if they had the same population growth as Brazil. Human culture has to change because there is no evolutionary need for any family to have more than two children since most children will survive into adulthood.

Reviewed by aerkiner 10 / 10

Everyone should watch this !

This is years of research, science-backed information being shared about what has happened due to current normalized daily practices and what will happen if we continue the same way without changing our approach of how we live on plant earth. We all have to take action now!

Reviewed by ryolusky13 10 / 10

The future of the planet is in our hands

It is definitely worth of your 1 hour 13 minutes time to watch this science-based documentary about how humanity has the dominant role, as Sir David Attenborough perfectly highlighted on his closing narrative, as the only Earth's conscience and brain, whether to lead the world and its ecosystems to the danger zones by continuously doing our business as usual, or to secure the future with a healthy and fresh air, clean water, stable climate, nutritious land, and resilient planet, by doing everything we can to not break the planetary boundaries.

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