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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OJT 7 / 10

Surprisingly entertaining Norwegian take on Cannonball Run

Børning, which is Norwegian slang for "burn out" is a Norwegian take on the Cannonball Run-films with a touch of Fast & Furious, or really more like the recent Need For Speed. It succeeds surprisingly enough to be very entertaining, though a couple of major flaws ruins some of the experience.

You'll get amazing driving scenes and a scenic and beautifully shot film, with kind of a cheesy dialog due to a script which could have been better. The film resembles the recent Need for Speed with it's story, but this film has got fresher filming and more humor.

While writing this, five days after the premiere, the film is already a big domestic hit in Norway, outselling the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy six times at the box office. The film is going to be one of the biggest hits in Norway this year. This due to both good marketing, and a solid cast of Norwegian screen actors as well as a couple of comedians like Otto Jespersen and Atle Antonsen.

In a traumatic race, the car mad Roy, which runs Stallion Parts and is not the best of fathers. He loses due to his daughter meddling with the car in some kind of revenge. Soon he is challenged in a illegal race almost through the length of Norway, from Oslo to the North Cape - way over 2000 kilometers.

A lot of great cars, with American muscle cars in the main roles, with BMW's, Audi R8, and Japanese drifting cars in supporting roles, but there's also small parts for the old Volvo and Granada.

Well, the race is soon on, and the interest you have put into it, stalls a bit on the side story about the 14 year old girl. It's used in character development, but thee main problem is that she's now way up to the rest of the ensemble in the acting skills. We simply don't believe in her motor skills, and not in her dialog.

But the film manages to give a fresh car driving movie with some great filming, great use of camera angles and some beautiful scenery along the way up to the North Cape. The film both serves as good entertainment as well as an ad for Norwegian nature.

The film doesn't take itself too seriously, as the car milieu in Norway doesn't either. This film will be immensely popular in the street race milieu, probably not only in Norway. Horsepower, loud engines, burn outs, drifting along side with testosterone, bickering, rivalry and stupidity, combined with real humans and real characters.

The film is 70% great, and the parts which could have been better is script and acting. The technical parts function, as well as the cars, amazing driving scenes and the humor. You don't have to be interested in cars to watch this, but it'll sure help you in loving it.

Reviewed by city_mt 9 / 10

Norway's take on Fast and Furious?

After enjoying the trailer a lot I came to see this film on cinema with rather high expectations. Although the first 20 minutes weren't as engaging and exciting as I was hoping for, the rest of the film more than made up for it, making it actually proceed my initial high expectations.

First of all, the film has a great bunch of thrilling car scenes, especially exciting having in mind that they're taking place at relatively narrow Norwegian roads. The unlikeliness of this actually happening in Norway, the soundtrack and the numerous funny comments throughout the race, made it well worth the while.

Børning is packed with famous Norwegian actors like Anders Baasmo Christiansen (check out Kon-Tiki), Sven Nordin (Elling) and Otto Jespersen (Trollhunter), all delivering top notch performances, securing believability to a rather unrealistic story. Especially Christiansen, the main actor, gave this film a lot of emotional depth. I found my self rooting for him, even though he's not the kind of person you'd easily like. Otto Jespersen, on the other hand, delivers the best one liner I have experienced in film. I'm sure many Norwegians will agree.

This film is one of the best Norwegian films I have seen, and it's not a coincidence it is topping the box office in Norway, ahead of for instance films like Guardians of the Galaxy. If you, like me, love cars, speed and comedy with a "Fast and Furious"-worthy soundtrack, this film won't disappoint!

Reviewed by Edillion 6 / 10

Entertaining tribute to car films.

So, i'll start this review by mentioning that this movie is not as serious as the trailer would imply.

This movie felt like a tribute to old car chase films, there's hints and nods to movies such as Dirty Mary crazy Larry and of course Fast and furious among others. The movie isn't taking itself seriously, which in my opinion made it easier to watch. Along with great scenery and some well built, tastefully modified cars.

It also makes fun of Scandinavian car fans, especially the young enthusiasts, this was great fun to watch.

If you're looking for an Oscar winner, look further. If however, you like cars, and car films, you should definitely see this one.

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