Body and Soul


Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
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Kim Hamilton as Mrs. Johnson
Michael V. Gazzo as Frankie
Muhammad Ali as Self
Peter Lawford as Big Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinthiamorris 3 / 10

The movie lacked credibility & depth

The 1981 version of Body and Soul,unlike the 1947 version that won an Oscar,lacked credibility and depth. The 1981 fighter just wasn't as believable and was more ostentatious in the bedroom than he was in the ring! Come on give me something that I can feel, like in the movie Raging Bull! After all Robert Dinero was a lover and a fighter but at least you felt his pain, his pride and his love and hate for women. Body and Soul 1981, with Leon Kennedy,gave us none of the sort. There was no body and there definitely was no soul. We all left the theater empty wondering where is the fight, who is it with, and who is the the champ! You had plenty of heart Leon,but you definitely lacked Soul!

Reviewed by chuckchuck21 2 / 10

Body no soul

This simple story line had the potential to really shine with Jayne Kennedy as the female lead. She plays the true champions prize as the male lead chases & gets all that doesn't count. Towards the end she's still trying to teach him how to be a man.

The sad truth here though is the story appears to be nothing but what a white man would think a black boxers life is really like. By the way, I'm white. Leon the Lover is a toon & once you get past the St. Louis Assassin all the other boxers are portrayed as toons. The fight he is to lose for Mr. Big, a six year old could of written & choreographed better. The little sister puts in a good performance where she appears & it would of been better to have more of her on screen with her brother, Jayne & her mother. That doesn't mean a goody goody ending. Just less poor writing, fewer tits & more emotion based scenes. Yes I know its legendary how many breasts are available to boxer's but that was true when Rocky was made. This would of been ten times better written & directed by those folk's. I'm not asking for a change in actors or actresses they did fine with what they were given.

In the end it doesn't matter how the boxing storyline goes because this is supposed to be about peoples character & maturity. That's why so many cartoons as personalities are disappointing. If however, you are going to spend a lot of time in the ring lets not disrespect the talents of real boxers by showing this kinda s**t. Do boxers cheat? Yes! Do they cheat like all-star wrestler's? No! I could of lived with a happy love story ending, broken love story ending or everyone winds up with nothing ending. Little sis can live or die. What I can't live with is this particular story & how it's told. What a waste of good casting. Makes me angry!

Reviewed by bronzesrv 4 / 10

Too much body! Not enough soul!

I remember watching this movie years ago I am a 46 year old woman and back in the 80s, Jane Kennedy and Leon Kennedy were like icons to a lot of African American people. I didn't care for the movie then and I don't now. I see where they were trying to go with this story but as one of the commenters said, it lacked depth and credibility. I also admire the commenter who said he was white and sick of seeing us (leon as a boxer) being portrayed in this cartoonish kind of way. Again I agree. This movie was so laid on with naked women, it literally blinded the storyline and where they were trying to go with it. You saw Leon in bed more with his groupies than you did with him in the ring!!!. The nice gem to this movie was the young girl who played his sick sister. She did an excellent job, you can tell she was brewing to be a good actress. And Jane of course was pretty as always. But Leon and Jayne as actors.?.. I wish they would have tried again. However I weather watch this movie than any of the penitentiary's that Leon has been in! There were three of them!!! And to me that is three too many LOL. Again this is a touching story, I just wish they had of executed it better. However I still consider it as what they would call and old cult classic from these two who were very popular at that time.

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