Blue Call


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 82


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Jonathan Bennett as Thomas James
Thomas Dekker as Derek
Katie Leclerc as Haylee Green
Jack McGee as Captain Lynch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 2 / 10

This Is Pretty Much DOA

This started out with promise but slowly fell into a rut of ridiculous decisions and unlikely scenarios. Our PTSD paramedic becomes an "angel of mercy" and loses her common sense. There are simply better things to watch.

Reviewed by richxau 5 / 10

Rushed ending

Good believable first half tracking the main character's descent into darkness. But the ending had the feel of a TV series that had been unexpectedly cancelled, and the writers desperately trying to tie up all the loose ends while still leaving some openings for a reboot.

Reviewed by JDChurch-29873 7 / 10

By no means a masterpiece, but sure as hell looks and sounds pretty!

After hearing about this film over the past few years through friends who worked on it, I was initially apprehensive about renting. In hindsight, I am very happy that I did. Citizen Kane this is not.... but there are some fascinating commentaries on the subjects of technology, grief, and assisted suicide. The film stars Katie Lecleric who is a paramedic suffering from PTSD and the traumas of her job. After a chance encounter with a patient, she acts as an angel of mercy to those who want nothing more that to die peacefully. Without providing too many spoilers, the film goes in to "Dexter" territory, and the ending is a bit rushed, but the film looks and sounds beautiful, and boasts a very impressive and experienced cast. It is to my understanding that this is an early effort of writer/director Brian Farmer, and it shows much potential. I will not go as far as to call it solid, but it is definitely not weak either. Was it worth the rental? I would have to say yes, especially because it is a decent intermediate effort. There is style, flair, and given the right script and budget, I think Mr. Farmer and his crew can eventually produce something truly noteworthy.

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