Blood Dolls


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Persia White as Black Baby
Phil Fondacaro as Hylas
Jason Pace as Howard Loftus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EdYerkeRobins 10 / 10

Band's Most Innovative Yet!

Whether you consider Charles Band a low-budget genius or a scourge to film-makers everywhere, he certainly has an active imagination. "Blood Dolls" blends several of his favorite themes – killer (and marketable) dolls, freaks, and rock music into a trademark memorable twisted film.

"Blood Dolls" certainly sports an odd cast of characters. There is Virgil (Jack Maturin), eccentric billionaire, his right-hand man Mascaro, an assassin with clown make-up, and his butler, little person Phil Mascaro. Virgil also has a faithful band in a cage, a rock anti-Spice Girls (each member of the band has a `Baby' nick-name) who play dark, death-themed background music on command – or get shocked. When Virgil runs into any trouble, he sends Mascaro and his own personal strike-force, the Blood Dolls – Pimp, Sideshow, and Ms. Fortune. The film's antagonists, though much more normal (with one notable exception), may not be as weirdly entertaining as the film's bizarre protagonists, but they are well-acted (they have to be, since they don't have a gimmick to fall back on) and still great characters (they just have incredible protagonists to contend with!), with enjoyable lines, albeit some fairly standard death scenes.

Though they are the title characters, the Blood Dolls are, surprisingly, not the film's main focus. As the film continues, it turns from a simple killer doll film to a twisted romance. The transition is smooth, and adds a sense of freshness to the story; there are even two endings, one for the romantically inclined and another, more typical ending. The plot innovations are believable because of Maturin's great facial expressions and delivery during his interactions with other characters. Unfortunately, the practical effects budget barred Maturin from being in any shots other than close-ups; a well-used puppet head (it's not totally apparent, and is used sparingly from careful angles to prevent it from becoming so) takes his place in a couple shots. Like many Full Moon releases, CG-effects were ditched in favor of practical effects, and though they worked well for Virgil and the rest of the film, the Blood Dolls are not as animated as their fellow killer-puppets in the Puppet Master series; they look fantastic but move more stiffly. Perhaps this is partially why Band made this film more story-oriented than death-oriented.

Though not all professional musicians, an original idea was for the actresses playing Virgil's band-in-a-cage to record a soundtrack CD and go on tour after the film's release as The Blood Dolls. This was scrapped, but the majority of the movie's soundtrack is provided by the band (along with a music video on the DVD), is quite good (it could certainly fit in with some of today's bands). The themes and lyrics are quite dark, but are presented in an almost pop-music manner, catchy and relatively up-tempo.

Charles Band has remarked that by the time Full Moon has made 500 pictures that he hopes "Blood Dolls" will be one that truly stands out. "Blood Dolls" is a unique and entertaining film that definitely fits Band's hopes as one of the best Full Moon releases.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 8 / 10

Classic Full Moon effort

Tiring of living in his mansion as a deformed freak, an eccentric billionaire decides to use his living dolls to seek revenge for the years of treatment he's received only for an unexpected twist to take over the dolls and threaten the success of the mission.

This one turned out to be one of the rather enjoyable Full Moon killer doll classics. What really makes this one work quite well here is the fact that the story here takes a backseat to the doll carnage and depravity depicted here which is overall utterly fun. This one manages to make the fact that there's the depravity with so much oddball stuff overall quite entertaining, with the chained-up female rock group shocked into performing, a clown-painted assistant, deviant sex games played out with the main couple and the fact that the main billionaire is portrayed as a pin-headed figure among much more here that it's all quite twisted and utterly enjoyable that it's much more unique than it usually warrants here. That extended to the dolls themselves, created through a rather ingenious method in the reconfiguration chamber and emerging out in their new, original looks which makes them work rather well here while serving as the launching for the overt display of their work from the rather gruesome and bloody deaths by the dolls, the suspenseful stalking throughout the house as they hunt their target in the action-packed confrontations that's filled in here with some rather fun action in the grandest tradition of their usual killer doll efforts. There's even the fun of the twist here in the different manners of who's controlling everyone here in the first half which is quite an achievement here by pulling it off that well and is quite fun, with the shocking revelation being one of the better scenes here and leading into the rather enjoyable second half here that manages to go even weirder and then sets up the finale which is one of the strongest aspects here. While these here are what make this one worthwhile, there's still some flaws here. The biggest one here is that although this one comes off as quite creative, the decision to change the doll characters around makes no sense, for their creation through a contraption rather than a special serum on actual puppets goes against the remainder of the series and doesn't really serve it well here. It's also certainly repetitive of the other killer doll films out there and doesn't really offer anything new or innovative beyond that means of creation as the main points of the film are more on the corporate espionage and backstabbing that really holds itself in the usual manners of dolls being sent out to partake their owners' deviant wishes like all the others usually are, so it has that against it, but the real damaging effort is the final twist which makes no sense and doesn't really have a whole lot about it that serves the film well. It's certainly a lot of fun if you're into this sort of thing but it's quite flawed if you're not.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and several sex scenes.

Reviewed by AutographLover 7 / 10

A Full Moon Fave!

In the true spirit of Full Moon Entertainment who previously did the Puppet Master series come Blooddolls! Its campy, It has bad acting I I really loved this movie alot! Can't wait for the sure to come sequel!If its from Full Moon you know its gotta be good!

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