Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 3025

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Salma Hayek as Isabel Clemens
Owen Wilson as Greg
Madeline Zima as Doris
Mercy Malick as News Reporter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrianstefanbiro 9 / 10

This is how a movie about mental illness should be

Reading other reviews makes me sad. If people expect a movie about how drugs or mental illness should make sense and everything should be logic or explained, you are more stupid than a rock. :)

While I haven't been in this situation, I feel like the movie translates perfectly the confusion which we all know, people with these issues struggle, yet we always think we are better and say "Well, just don't do it.".

I feel like they are trying to explain that it's not that easy and the confusion is so high, hard to depict what is real or not and at the end of the day, if you have family that loves you and supports you (yeah, I get how the African-American role was there just for PC cancer culture), then you have a chance at least.

I think everything after him being fired (which also hints that he was off his meds since the subscription didn't allow a refill), was in his mind, Selma being also imaginary.

Again, movies like Inception or Matrix try to do something different, perhaps that's why people had huge expectations. Honestly, the description might be misleading, but it's actually better that way, instead of spoiling the movie like most do.

Reviewed by frankie-08908 5 / 10

Wrongly Advertised

Those who marketed this movie made a huge mistake. They gave a high expectation of a Syfy type movie. I watched this movie with exactly that in mind and it left me lost and confused. I really believe it's because of the lasting impression the marketing left on me.

It took me just about past the midway point of the movie I started to realize it wasn't about Syfy at all. It's about drug addiction, the mentally disabled, and homelessness. The moment I recognized this, I had a better impression of the movie. Having a career in LE in a city I experienced many with those difficulties. It's easy to criticize the homeless or dismiss them, but if you had a better understanding of the issues they're having mentally your feelings would change. And I think this movie did a good job putting the viewer inside the mind of an addict/mentally ill person. I only wish those in charge of the marketing would have done a better job.

With having a better understanding of the movie, the actors did a great job.

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 7 / 10

Really Great Ideas With A Passing Execution.

This film has so many interesting ideas but i found that it doesn't really follow all of them though.

I'm pretty confused at the low score and how badly it is being panned by critics.

I thought the acting was pretty good and i was really interested in these characters. Which is where i think some of the issue are found.

I think this film needed to take a step back from the sci-fi elements. They are very sparse but are there enough to hinder the true storyline. If i am being honest i think the whole 2nd act needed retooling. It was like a brick wall that the movie just slammed into. And then it just sort of slogged along. Once again i thought 'oh this is interesting' but then it just like stalled and i sat around thinking what is this movie now. It kind of gets its momentum back in the 3rd act but i think the 1st is where this movie shines.

This movie is also great at visual storytelling. The production design, costuming and make up all work so well. It allows you to understand what the film is trying to say before the film explicitly tells you and i though that was really good.

I honestly think this movie could have been great but it just got its self bogged down with the sci-fi part and trying to trick? the audience.

I think it held its cards too close to its chest but i think the twist is blatantly clear from literally the first scene. This isn't a bad thing at all. I think it would have been better letting us view this world though the lens of us knowing twist from the beginning. I think that would have been a much more interesting and very eye opening character and subject study.

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