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Brian Geraghty as Will Bishop
Bethany Joy Lenz as Jan Bishop
Edwina Findley Dickerson as Rosie Hughes
Jim Beaver as Sergeant Ward
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

I felt threatened

A domestic disturbance call involving a hostage situation is taking place. Will Bishop (Brian Geraghty) and his partner (Sharon Leal) respond. They hear shouting and glass breaking. Will sneaks to the back door to hear better. A large black man with tattoos and a broken bottle answers the door. Will fears for his life and shoots him. Later the situation goes from him doing a good job to Will feeling guilty for shooting him because he is black.

While the film is somehow supposed to show the prejudice that even good white cops have, I felt it was more like black people trying to make white people feel guilty about doing their job by playing the race card. I don't believe that was the intent of the film, it was just so poorly scripted.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by passan-80670 1 / 10

This Movie butchers a very serious topic

How does a cop live with himself after realizing he murdered an innocent person? How does the family lives through the loss of a loved one after a police officer, who should protect the innocent, murders them?

This is a very serious topic that needs a careful and respectful approach. This movie however fails so hard I have no words for it. This movie is trash.

I see what the director Michael Nell tried to do, but after only a few minutes you will realize, he is ether incompetent or he does not care. Not a single minute was invested into researching for this movie. At least nothing that would properly support the topics he tried to address.

Technically it is a very bad movie. Camerawork is very cheap with consistent camera shake. Basically, absolutely indistinguishable from any other factory produced movie.

The actors were not that bad except Brian Geraghty (THE LEAD ACTOR) who is exceptionally untalented. He has the same face through the entire movie. He cant act at all. The person he played did not have a character or a personality, so they shove a relation ship with Bethany Joy Lenz. This relationship is frustratingly distracting from the main story. Additionally, if you cut it out entirely from the movie, the story would be absolutely unaffected by it.

The mourning family was believable. I felt the pain and loss of Edwina Findley Dickerson.

Anyone remember the footage of the cop who shot the mentally ill person? Yea, the cop broke this day. I hoped to see something similar in this movie, but no. Nothing really happens. No emotions. Barely any regret. At some point he steals some papers from a layer to find out who called the cops on this day. It is very lame and unrealistic how he gets the phone number of the kid. Then he assaulted the kid. From my knowledge in law, his action was basically a "get out of jail" card. Even thought the kid should held accountable for calling the cops because of a hostage situation, the kid would go free because of the assault.

Luckily the ending was not a total wash and the cop did the right thing. He pleaded guilty in court.

I am not a cop, nor have I lost a person to a police officer, but I felt insulted by this movie and it's tone deaf approach. In a way I want to recommend this movie just to see how it fails technically and how it fails to represent a very heavy topic.

Reviewed by calmirio 4 / 10

A close look

When you train in those so call academies for 12 week and you call them police officers (in common sense societies they are train for a minim of 18 months to 3 years), when you need SWAT for a domestic dispute, when ....... your cities in 2020 looks like Fallujah and police looks like occupation force, then you have a problem. and I didn't even mention that instead of providing first aid the police officer was preoccupied to handcuff, Really? The problem is training, unions, insurances, local politicians and that is just the beginning, the so call defund the police is not the solution.

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