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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sharonndgauci 8 / 10

The Ending was unexpected

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie and the ending was unexpected. Not your typical stalker movie. I would recommend this movie to those who like a plot twist with a twist.

Reviewed by jeroduptown 6 / 10

Indie Crazy Quack

So you might be able to see the twist coming (like I did) - but the believability of something just like this happening is what keeps this movie running. For an indie thriller, it does a decent job of keeping the crazy guy crazy and only falls short towards the end.

Reviewed by MovieCriticOnline 1 / 10

Hell naw...

What could potentially have been a decent independent film turned out to a "look at me film." The original premise was somewhat engaging and if they stuck with that it may have been better, but no, they had to go muddy it up with M Night type twist at the end that was totally unnecessary. We don't need movies to have convoluted WOKE plots. To me, M. Night ran a few good movies with the big reveal ending, like Sixth Sense. Usual Suspects also come to mind, but that has been tested and tried and to me totally outdated and overdone now.

This would have worked better as a character, rather than plot driven movie. However, they also needed better actors. The lead guy is a low energy bore fest with no personality. Neither did his co-star. She was another bore. The "stalker" was more fun to watch, but they never took it to the full potential. Essentially a rip off "Cable Guy" with a "twist at the end. But the reason why Cable Guy worked is because of the characters and their relationship were the focus of the film. Here the plot became the focus, but when it finally ended I didn't care about any of them so the ending had no emotional connection. Frankly because the writer seemed so keen on getting to the plot twist he forgot to write interesting and likable characters.

Another annoying this was the constant social media screen popups. They have to figure out another way of showing text messaging etc without the annoying vertical screen shots.

Also the tone of the film didn't match the gore ending. It was someone told them, "hey we need some blood in this film" so they just randomly added it.

Even the secondary plot twist at the end was unfulfilling because it was rushed and really made no sense at all. You have to watch to find out what I am talking about, which I wouldn't recommend, so you may be in a pickle.

Lastly, some of the characters like the cops were so unbelievable in terms of cast and dialogue. Nothing was believable. There is a scene in the middle of the movie with a couple (not gonna give it away) that was so random, but for a second I thought it was in there to frame the lead character, which would have taken the movie in a better direction. They didn't.

Just the overall story was weak and I wish they had spend a bit more time on the writing.

I root for indie filmmakers so it is a shame when I see them fail such as the instant case.

If you wanna see Indie films go check out Sean Baker's films or watch this year academy winner, Nomadland.

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