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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aaskillz69 8 / 10

A nice surprise, very strong Norwegian indie that stands amidst the best of the year so far

I remember this premiering at the Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of the year, it was there and at Berlin that it made a little splash. I remember looking on some reviews about this picture at the time and they were regarding it really highly, and i guess because of that the title stuck with me. Now nine months have gone by and little more about it was seen during these months, but my curiosity had yet to fade so i decided to take a look at this one.

Blind is Directed by Eskil Vogt and it stars Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Vera Vitali, Henrik Rafaelsen and Marius Kolbenstvedt.

I was hoping to get surprised going into this picture but i got to say that i did not anticipate Blind to be as good as it actually was. 2014 is building up to become the year of independent films. Last year we had our good share of indie features but this year, i feel as though the grand majority of the best pictures of the year so far, are indies. For now Blind stands aside pictures like Starred Up, A Most Wanted Man, The One I Love, Blue Ruin, Under the Skin among many others as the years best work.

Going in, i didn't even know this was directed by the same guy who collaborated with Joachim Trier, and made Oslo, 31. August which i absolutely hold as one of the best pictures made in the last decade or so. So Eskil Vogt had already proved in the past to be a talented young writer but this didn't exactly mean that he had the skills to pay the bills when it came to directing. Fortunately though, albeit I wasn't as moved as I was with the tour de force that is Oslo, 31. August, I will say that this is a far more ambitious and creative picture.

So the film starts with a blind woman narrating on how difficult or how easy it is to remember objects, first a tree, then dogs, then an apartment. It doesn't matter whether or not you remember it right, as long as you have a picture of what you remember. Our narrator whose name is Ingrid, let's her imagination fill in the blanks of her past and memories but also the blanks of what she can not see in the present. We learn that Ingrid is married and that she got blind after she married her husband Morten. Then from the middle of nowhere, Ingrid starts narrating the life's of other two people, it's weird because although she can't see her life and isn't sure about anything around, she seems to know everything about these two people. These two are Einar, a lonely man who may not ever have had sex but one things is clear, he hasn't been intimate with anyone as of late. He's a little bit of a creep as he masturbates five times a day and gets his kicks out of seeing woman in the streets. The other is Elin, just as lonely of a woman as Einar is of a man. She's a divorced single mother whose only company is her daughter.

Soon enough we realize that these two people are characters created by Ingrid, as she seems to be writing some sort of novel or screenplay around these two characters. These two characters though start to get mixed with reality as Ingrid's husband Morten rapidly starts appearing in these day dreams, in this stories that she's creating. It gets to a point where you start wondering how much of what you see is reality and how much is Ingrid's imagination. We are never too sure of what's real or not, are these people or just characters, or both. Is Ingrid's husband really cheating on her? Her day dreams and stories mirror the way the feels inside. She feels lonely, depressed, she's afraid of being a burden and she fears her husband's loyalty.

Everything comes into a very powerful and by the way beautifully constructed climax, that's super original, meaningful and witty. Ingrid ultimately destroys the fears that she has in the real world by crashing them in her dream and imaginations. Ultimately Ingrid faces her demons and problems through those day dreams and through the invented stories and because of that she's able to overcome the melancholic perspective of things and starts seeing things in a more hopeful way.

It's a case where Eskil has to be applauded by his magnificent complex and imaginative screenplay, plus the direction that completes the screenplay's vision with just as much aspiration and boldness. Eskil's screenplay is marvelous with the invention and vision of a master like Charlie Kaufman as the film often reminded me of Adaptation. Eskil shows here to be a talent to be reckoned with, not only with writer skills but he also knew out to put this piece together. The visions and reality become tangled, inter- connected beautifully, never leaving the audience hopelessly confused but rather intrigued and fascinated by it all.

The acting also helps, though no familiar faces are seen in the picture, all actors do deliver great performances. Ellen Dorrit Petersen is obviously the name that first comes to mind as the lead of the movie but really all the supporting cast that features Vera Vitali, Henrik Rafaelsen and Marius Kolbenstvedt are just as good.

Bilnd is a very, very nice surprise. Much better than what I could have expected. It combines the powerful performances with a weird but imaginative and super captivating story that translates into the screen beautifully through the hands of a writer/director that is surely extremely talented.


Reviewed by OJT 8 / 10

Vivid and different

Blind is one of those films which is very different and exciting, and tells a story very differently than the standard film. After watching a ton of movies it's very refreshing to see something different.

A woman is about to lose her eye sight, and is locked up in her apartment with nothing else than her own imagination and a computer on which she can write, when her husband goes to work. She is rehearsing to be totally blind. In the start we follow several persons, but without telling too much, things basically revolves around the blind woman.

It's in many ways a very sensible film, where her sense of lacking something is a drive of the movie. Basically this is a film about loneliness, and coping with a new reality, and also using senses. This film gave hints to Bergman (Persona) and Hitchcock (several) and some other movies with blind persons, obviously. And the film references to a lot of others as well as a part of the story.

This is first feature directed by script writer Eskil Vogt, previously especially known for the critically acclaimed Reprise, directed by Joachim Trier. Be sure to follow this mans next films.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10

I felt so confused and stupid...

"Blind" has done very well with critics so far as well as on the film festival circuit--having won many awards including some very prestigious ones at Sundance. However, for the life of me, I am left with very little to say about this film. After all, critics love it and I am a critic...but I felt confused by the whole thing and have no idea what I saw. Additionally, I think most viewers will feel the same way and I cannot see who the audience is for this one other than film critics. Of course, I could be wrong and the film could end up becoming a huge hit...but I wouldn't bet on it.

Before I talk about what I thought of the film as well as the plot, I should point out right up front that the film has LOTS of material that many will find shocking. Clips of a wide variety of internet porn are included in the film--and some of it is pretty bizarre. Additionally, there is quite a bit of additional nudity in this one and the film has scenes of people masturbating as well as talking about it. If you are easily offended, you should avoid this film. If your mother or kids or Father Flannigan suggest you watch a movie together, for the love of God, do not watch this film! I am not saying this because I am prudish--but I also feel that an important part of reviewing films is providing this information so you can make an informed choice.

As far as the plot goes, I really cannot adequately explain it except that it's about a blind lady. So, I looked on the internet to try to see exactly what was happening in the film but none of it helped me very much. After a while, I realized that some of the characters and action isn't actually happening--it's imagined. So, understanding what is happening is tough--and the film made me feel very stupid. That almost never happens and I am pretty sure some sophisticated folks will write in to tell me how stupid I am for not understanding the movie. I grant you, I could just be completely missing the point of the plot...but I also wonder if there really IS a point and coherent plot to the film. Some might like this sort of thing. After all, "Tree of Life" was like this and yet is was Oscar-nominated for best picture. I didn't enjoy it in the least nor did anyone I know but many critics loved it...and again, I might just missing something...though I am supposed to be a critic.

The bottom line is that if you like cryptic films, you will probably enjoy "Blind". If, on the other hand, you're like most folks, I cannot see you picking this movie in the first place or sticking with it.

I would love to hear from those of you that did see the film-- whether you liked it or not. I'd love your opinions, impressions or an explanation of the plot. Sorry I cannot provide that...I was just left baffled and confused...which is odd since I am a reasonably well-educated guy who usually loves artsy films. In some ways, as I watched, I also felt blind...figuratively speaking.

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