Blackwood Evil


Action / Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 109

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atinder 1 / 10

To much shoutinmg, makes it's UN-watchable

Blackwood Evil (2000 ), WOW, only one other comment on here, that for the best.

This must have been cash in on TBWP, This is so boring, I could not get into this movie at all, there was not one second, I liked .

There was way to much arguments going on, for most of the movie, saying the same thing over and over again, I Stopped watching, it at just before the hour mark.

Nothing happen in the first 52 minutes at all, just talking about thinks that have happened in the past.

The acting was really bad.

1 out of 10

Reviewed by BillionaireBot_88 3 / 10

Interesting idea, but ultimately a poor attempt

Blackwood Evil is about a supposedly haunted house in the Blacklands of Texas, and the four people who decide to try to spend a night inside. It's kind of a cool idea, a camera man, reporter, psychic and a relative of the people who supposedly died in the house enter with video cameras to record their findings.

But the problem with the movie is that the actors are very poor. I know its supposed to make the movie more realistic, but it really detracts from the experience when you're groaning at how badly acted it is. Watch the Blair witch project, then watch this and you'll see what i mean. It's hard to get scared when they do such a poor job of making you feel that this is really happening. Some of the effects are cool, like when they discover Travis' body in a bedroom with a pentagram carved in his chest and legs apparently chopped off by an unknown force. But everything leading up to this pretty much sucks, it takes so long to get going that most will likely give up watching before anything good happens.

Reviewed by porkchopis2 1 / 10


Women whose voices become shriller each time they raise their them should never be cast in a movie like this. With all the high voices and repetitive words AND the moaning the reporter continually does, it will remind people of one of those dreadful holiday dinners where all the family attends just so they can pick on that one weak person who gets upset easily. There is no continuity in the story and the acting is horrifyingly bad but the worst part is trying to understand what all the squealing is about. Good luck with that...

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