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Tony Bennett as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GormanBechard 1 / 10

Greatest singer of all time deserves a great documentary, this ain't it!

This documentary on Billie Holiday, whom I consider to be the greatest singer of all time, is so badly constructed, it made me angry. I almost don't know where to begin. From the hideous colorization to the device of using the intended author of her bio to tell the story, to the focus on her addictions and bad choices in men OVER her music, this documentary fails on every account. It literally almost sluts shames her for her choices. And again, NO ONE CARES about the intended biographer. This was supposed to be Billie's story. Beyond all that, there are subtitles when we barely need them, and none when we so do. This is even worse than Lady Sings The Blues. Will someone please do this amazing talent justice! I make music documentaries. And I love the good ones. This might be the worst music doc I have ever seen. ARGH!!!

Reviewed by gabriellekatz 4 / 10

I scored it a 6 to encourage further docus about Billie; not bc this one is very good at all.

Every bit of video or audio of or about Billie is amazing but this docu is so oddly and awkwardly put together with so much focus on this Jewish New Yorker woman who compiled many interviews and meant to write a bio but died before its completion. The amount of screen time spent either on billie's drug use or on this unknown writer woman made for one heck of a disappointing experience. More Billie!!! Not the least bit insightful and this writer's family must've insisted much (MUCH) of the film center on her. Which, when we're talking about Lady Day, is a criminal waste of opportunity. I wdve scored it lower except that I want to encourage more works about Billie Holiday - and if this film gets scored very low that might scare future projects away.

Reviewed by gabriellekatz 4 / 10

Too focused on this woman who meant to write a bio before she died, not enough focus on BILLIE!!

I don't know whether it's interesting or not that this intended writer of a bio on Billie - starting out just because she was a fan - like the rest of us - is white, Jewish woman but the amount of time this docu/biopic spends on the writer, who never completed the work before dying, is ridiculous and uninteresting. Way, Way too much screen time devoted to this other woman's life - which, when you've got footage and interviews of and about LADY DAY BILLIE HOLIDAY - it's mind-boggling to devote so much time on this one woman's attempts to write about Billie. Very odd style and underwhelming - which only left me desperately wanting to see and hear more of Billie and much less of this other distracting stuff. Badly done. R.I.P. TO THE LATE, GREAT BILLIE HOLIDAY.

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