Bigfoot: The Conspiracy



IMDb Rating 3.9 10 59

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wobblysun 10 / 10


Bigfoot: The Conspiracy was able to grab my attention. The suspence kept me in my seat until the end. After watching the whole movie, it left me wanting more. I have a lot of questions that maybe a sequel could answer. Great job to the director.

Reviewed by jaxxboss-296-473747 3 / 10

Save your time here folks.

I'm not sure if these reviewers are shills or just unaware of how bad this movie really is. The writing is so bad that I almost thought they were writing this as a spoof. The acting is So bad that it makes my Jr. High role as The Scarecrow look like an academy award nominee.

Reviewed by tmccull52 3 / 10

Uhhmmm... Okay...

I knew going in that this was going to be a zero budget indie Bigfoot flick. No surprises there. I didn't have a problem that. The mediocre acting didn't much bother me, either. You aren't going to get Meryl Streep or Gene Hackman for a production at this level. What bothered me was the idiotic premise of the movie.

The United States Government has become aware that a killer Sasquatch is lurking in a certain section of the forest in Northern Georgia, and will spare neither measure nor expense to keep this from becoming public knowledge. One character asks one of the agents assigned to this case to apologize to Bigfoot for him, for not respecting the forest, as he should have.

Then, there's my favorite part of the movie. Whenever the hero is driving around in his SUV, the same idiotic performer is on the radio, screeching about drinking gravy through a straw and sucking up the lumps in one memorable ditty, and running away from "the Hogback" in another.

We have opposing forces on a collision course. There's the government agency tasked with keeping the killer Bigfoot a secret. There's the hero, Dante, a retired border patrol agent asked by his father in law to check the woods on his property because of mysterious goings-on. Then there's Kurt, the dedicated, crusading, intrepid Bigfoot Investigator who forms a friendly association with Dante.

Then there's Lance, the friendly Intelligence agent whose mother believes works for the IRS, but who actually works for the agency trying to keep the killer Bigfoot a secret. He gives Dante a friendly warning to stay away from restricted areas of the forest, because the government agency has its eye on him. This movie takes implausible, stacks that on top of stupid, and layers a healthy dollop of ridiculousness on top for good measure.

Of course, Dante is going to ignore Lance's friendly warning, and heads off into the woods to investigate the possibility of a killer Bigfoot anyway. Y'see, Lance, who works for the secret government agency trying to keep the killer Bigfoot a secret, basically confirmed to Dante that the creature actually exists. So much for keeping the secret of the killer Bigfoot secret.

Still interested in watching this mess? If you are, seek psychiatric help immediately. The scenery is beautiful; everything else about the movie sucks like a nymphomaniacal hooker at a Viagra convention.

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