Big Bad Mama


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 2455


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William Shatner as William J. Baxter
Angie Dickinson as Wilma McClatchie
Tom Skerritt as Fred Diller
Sally Kirkland as Barney's Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GOWBTW 8 / 10

Kind of a satire of 30's crime movies

The 1930's where America was at its worst:The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl in the Midwest. Hard times was at its worst, especially for Wilma(Angle Dickinson) and her two daughters BilliyJean(Susan Sennett) and Polly(Robbie Lee). Tired of being poor, they head out West to make a living. They come across Wilma's bootlegging lover(Noble Willingham) at a church to attend Polly's wedding which never takes place because Mama objects the man and his family. They would later find new partners in crime after Uncle Barney gets killed by the Feds. They would me etc a bank robber(Tom Skerritt) and a gambler(William Shatner) . Think they can pull it off? Of course. "Big Bad Mama" packs a lot in this movie: Laughs, drama, romance, even gunfire. No one has been left out of the fun. Billy Jean is the tough older daughter, while Polly is the very hormonally, emotional one. They did give the bank robber some lover while Wilma did the gambler. I heard that this almost got an Oscar nomination, but the silliness gave it a nod. I say, "It's good!" Silly or not, its a great movie. Great for late night viewing. 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Linda_S 8 / 10


This is one of those films, where you kick yourself for listening to critics who, at the time, trashed this film. Finally saw it and while it is, as some suggest, "trashy," this is one of the most entertaining films I've seen in quite some time.

I've always admired the talent of Mr Corman and his production of BBM is, for me, one of the highlights of his career. I've no illusions that his fans will suggest otherwise however this is a film that grabs you by the lapels, if one has lapels that is, and doesn't let go! Steve Carver takes a VERY low budget and gets the maximum out of it, there are some performances in this movie that will demonstrate the talents of some of your favorite actors that other, more popular and acclaimed films will NOT. As someone who is NOT a Tom Skerrit fan I've got to admit he was the standout actor in this, (I refuse to refer to actresses as 'actors', he really is a talented man. However the standout is the truly gorgeous Angie Dickinson, I knew she could act, I just never realized just how beautiful and sexy she really is, until this film. She singlehandedly transcends the material and thereby lifts BBM out of "trash" into a slam-bang adventure/crime/sex romp that is stunning. The supporting cast is excellent, however outside of 'Succubus' I've not quite gotten the appeal of William Shatner, at least in any serious sense. think we all realize how much talent got early starts in Corman films and I think you will also enjoy noting those who went on to do excellent work in other films and especially TV, such as Michael Talbott of "Miami Vice" TV series.

After watching this film I felt rather upbeat, BBM is the sort of fun film that we used to see more of, sans all that CGI and other expensive and often tawdry special effects, good entertainment that takes one out of the humdrum and into a place where ordinary belief is suspended and one is cheering for the heroes, albeit not the nicest heroes/heroines, wink.

One can only wonder if there is a Director's cut somewhere as this is rated 'R', Angie Dickinson, Wow! Did I mention Wow?

Reviewed by elskootero-1 10 / 10

Not Oscar material but a first rate film anyway.

Although it is very campy and a little silly, the plot is fairly strong and the acting, while not Academy Award material, was still very entertaining and good. But the highlight for me was the frontal nude scenes with Susan Sennet. What a beautiful young woman and what a fantastic body! If the US economy were in half as good a shape, we'd all be millionaires! She is not only very attractive but a very capable actress and I'd like to see her in more serious parts and films. I've followed her career for many years, and she keeps on getting better and better. Again, BIG BAD MAMA may not be Oscar caliber but it is a very entertaining film and will keep your attention and interest throughout the entire film; get in on DVD today!

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