2013 [KOREAN]

Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 6710


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Numan Acar as Abdul
Ji-hyun Jun as Ryun Jung-hee
Jung-woo Ha as Pyo Jong-sung
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 8 / 10

Excellent South Korean action flick

The Berlin File is a combination of the serious and glamorised spy film strands. While on the one hand, its plot deals with contemporary issues and politics in a serious way, it also has several explosive action scenes. It's a terrific combination to be perfectly honest, both strands blend seamlessly into one and other. The plot-line is in fact pretty complex and convoluted so it is necessary to pay attention. In very brief summary it's about a botched arms deal that leads to civil strife between North Korean secret agents and ends up involving the South Koreans, the CIA, Mossad and the Arabs. That is of course a ludicrously simplified plot summary but there are too many twists and turns in this one to adequately describe without recourse to too much synopsis.

The characters are well drawn, particularly the two North Korean agents and their South Korean equivalent. They are convincing and strong anchors to base this story on. In fact seeing as this is a South Korean film it's nice to note that the hero of the piece is a North Korean agent. This adds an unusual subversion of expectations. The location for the film too has been specifically chosen. Berlin is the one European city that historically most clearly mirrors Korea. It was divided East and West like Korea is North and South, with one half capitalist the other communist. The old East Germany was very similar to North Korea. But irrespective of the politics, it's just a good idea in general to use a modern European city as the setting for an Asian action flick. It gives the whole thing a more original feel. Seeing the German location used as the battleground for intense Korean action sequences works really well. Those scenes are well worth waiting for. They are a combination of martial arts, gun fights and chases. They are all extremely well controlled and exciting.

The Berlin File is an excellent action flick with a lot in it that makes it feel fresh and vibrant. Definitely recommended.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Case Files

I'm always surprised that other people are surprised that South Korea is capable of delivering good action movies. The action scenes/stunts from this movie alone put some American movies to shame! There is almost an insanity to some of them, but it comes across as really well executed (no pun intended).

Having said that, what I also like about movies from Korea, is their ability to make you invest into characters, while simultaneously keeping them mysterious or at least in grey areas as well. What is good and who is bad, could be a question, but what would be the answer? If you'd be able to answer that of course. Not all movies work with that formula, but this particular one does. You might have to wrap your head around this, so it might take a few minutes to get who is who and doing what, but once you are there (without the movie patronizing you), you will be able to really enjoy this

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 7 / 10

Actually a really good Korean action flick

I was actually quite impressed by this film, probably since it caught me off guard. Because Korea comes out with some good and even great films but just not so much when it comes to action movies. Maybe just few. This is actually a really good action popcorn flick that is entertaining and enthralling most of the way through. It felt like it blends elements from the "Bourne" films but has enough of it's own elements to be it's own film. The actors in this is just fantastic with their roles. Ha Jung-Woo has really worked himself up to becomes one of the top stars of Korea. He may not be the best looking lead actor in movies but that is why his characters are more believable, plus he is a good actor and charismatic as well. Ryoo Seung-Bum is the show stealer in this film and just about every scene he is in is chilling and also entertaining to watch. Han Suk-Kyu is basically Han Suk-Kyu in just about every movie he is in. But he usually fits the role and he fits right in with this one as well. Gianna Jun is also in this but her role could have been played by almost anyone. This film is probably even good enough to go toe to toe with some Hollywood action movies. Even the fight sequences are second to none because it has that "Bourne" movie vibe going for it but it's not all choppy and crap. Even if few action parts doesn't make much sense. You can actually see everything that is going on. Overall if you like Korean films and also action movies than check this one out. If not, just check it out anyways.


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