2011 [FRENCH]

Drama / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 2285

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Ludivine Sagnier as Madeleine 1
Catherine Deneuve as Madeleine 2
Paul Schneider as Henderson
Louis Garrel as Clément
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by akash_sebastian 6 / 10

Splendid Cast, But The Musical is Just Satisfactory!

Very rarely are movies made about unrequited (one-sided) love and love lost, let alone musicals. It's good and somewhat interesting; though it tests your patience a lot. With the terrific star-cast it has, I expected a lot more. It falls short of a definite and good plot, and it lacks heart.

Catherine Deneuve is not even utilized properly. Ludivine Sagnier is charming; it's amazing how much she has grown up since Ozon's 'Swimming Pool'. And it was delightful to see Paul Schneider in this French musical. The remaining cast just does their job, which is not much.

Even though it's a musical, the songs are quite average. The only song I actually loved is 'Ici Londres (Heaven Knows)', sung by Chiara Mastroianni and Paul Schneider.

Reviewed by jerush 10 / 10


I was surprised to see that most people across the internet hate this movie. I don't (and I am a recent Film grad, to qualify that). In fact, this is one of the most perfect movies I've ever seen, and one of my top 3 favorite French films. I was incredibly surprised by how long it was. A musical-y epic? But towards the second half I could actually sense how devoted Honore must've been to this movie, and why he didn't want to compromise it by condensing it. I watched this on my laptop logistics-wise, so I didn't have the same experience as someone stuck in a chair in a too-cold theater. The soundtrack? Exquisite. The cast? Perhaps could've been improved upon, but it's the familiar Honore cast and as such carries with it solid chemistry that was essential to the story. It channeled the Umbrellas of Cherbourg, with its lovely palette of colors. Yes, it has songs, and *yes* it took creative license. My imagination is vivid, so I didn't have to tax it too much to buy the story. I think the <25 demographic would prefer it more than the 30+.

I feel that people had problems with it because they were expecting a da Vinci, but this is highly Impressionist in spirit.

Reviewed by wvisser-leusden 8 / 10

nostalgia for the Babyboom-generation

The well-made "Les bien-aimes" (= French for "the well loved-ones") shows a pretty extended plot. Stretching from the 19-Sixties up to 2007, it focuses on the lifetime so far of the baby-boom-generation. Of those born between 1945 and, let's say, 1953.

You may also consider "Les bien-aimes" as an intelligent soap. It contains all ingredients for recognizing a Babyboomer's life. Acted out by a number of France's best actors and actresses, Catherine Deneuve prominently among them.

In spite of its serious tuning, this film nowhere and never puts any weight on your mind. Which is characteristic for the French cinema. Another French characteristic: it leaves you with a good aftertaste.

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