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Vanessa Redgrave as Pamela Benson Gray
Judy Parfitt as Nurse
Ian Bannen as Alan Crabtree
Lionel Jeffries as Walter Froy
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Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

The Man Who Learned

Brian Desmond Hurst is best remembered for his SCROOGE starring Alistair Sim. Here, he tackles the usual story of a young surgeon, played by Tony Britton, starting out under the aegis of Michael Redgrave -- Britton's character is engaged to Redgrave's daughter, played by Vanessa Redgrave in her screen acting debut.

Careful attention has been paid to technical issues of the era, and the capable cast handles their roles well enough. However, the standard plots of such movies are in full evidence, making this movie lack more than the standard levels of emotional involvement -- it's obvious that certain roles are going to behave in certain ways at certain times. In addition, DP Robert Krasker's color cinematography has a late-40s green cast to it and it looks like the color separations have shrunk at microscopically different rates making it slightly out of focus. I suspect the green cast may have something to do with the drug-addict-doctor subplot, adding an absinthe tint to the affair.

Still, Hurst's usual highly competent work keeps things moving along nicely. This one is definitely worth your time.

Reviewed by writers_reign 5 / 10

Minor Surgery

Michael Redgrave's name on the opening credits is usually as good as money in the bank but even class acts are entitled to an off day and this is a doozy. It is, of course, possible he was worrying about real life daughter Vanessa making her debut in front of the camera in this extremely ho hum entry in which virtually the entire cast - Tony Britton, Niall McGuiness, Miles Malleson, Lionel Jeffries - either walk though their roles and/or phone them in. The plot would be an embarrassment on Crossroads and needs only Paul Carpenter and Arthur Mullard to attain mediocrity. Even major surgery can't save this piece of cheese.

Reviewed by wilvram 6 / 10

Surgical Theatre

A serious film with an appropriate cast that fails to live up to its initial promise. Tony Britton is a promising young surgeon who becomes engaged to the senior surgeon's daughter (the young Vanessa Redgrave giving a rather precious performance.) Retrospective interest is added by the manners of the period, not least hospital staff who ceaselessly smoke everywhere with carefree abandon. Gradually though the story evolves into two strands, neither resolved particularly successfully. The first, Britton's involvement with a drug-addicted Polish colleague which lands him in serious trouble and in which he is then portrayed as becoming virtuous and altruistic to an improbable degree, is trite. The second, regarding the senior surgeon's deep concerns about his junior, played by the talented Niall MacGinnis (whom as well as being a first-rate character actor was also a qualified physician), is opaque as nothing is shown to justify his fears, though it looks as if we are intended to sympathise with them.

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