Beast Beast


Action / Drama

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Paige McGarvin as Erica
Susan Gallagher as Mrs. Gunderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erikleupp 10 / 10

Beast Beast will grip you

Beast Beast is a visceral experience from an exciting new voice in cinema. It's a gem of a film that grabs your attention from the exiting first shot to the cathartic last. Every few years a film comes along that speaks to the youth of today, Beast Beast is not just an exhilarating movie about high school but a deeper look into the American psyche.

It's at times deeply unnerving and other times exhilarating. Danny Madden has made a film that is atmospherically superb. The cast is all around excellent. You feel for these characters. Your emotions are earned. Don't miss it!

Reviewed by dnllhomme 10 / 10

Such a fresh filmmaking voice.

This film is dynamic, it's paced like teenage life and each of the three storylines feels unique. Some blemishes, but I can accept that as low-budget charm and would rather see that than some predictable, sterile storytelling. For a first time filmmaker this shows real promise. I LOVE Shirley Chen in the main role. Also Jose Angeles and Will Madden give grounded, emotional performances, and the sound design is something special (watch it with good headphones/nice speakers). This film hit me really hard; I can't explain it beyond that. Big thumbs up!

Reviewed by zeionara 8 / 10

A forceful drama about self-expression

This movie depicts an unpredictably developing story of lives of three young people which are looking for their place in the society. Avoiding any spoilers, I would say that plot is definitely not boring, but sometimes contains unnecessary details. The music is nice, but could be better; loud sounds during the movie make watcher either to use headphones in order to not to disturb everyone around either increase and decrease volume few times during the movie. Screenplay is well-done, but not exceptionally perfect.

As a result, overall impression is positive and I consider this picture as a reasonable candidate for watching at least once.

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