Be Good or Be Gone


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alannacummins 10 / 10

Very Charming Film

I saw this movie at the Underground Cinema Festival last september and I found it to be sooo charming! Not what I expected at all!

The blurb on the film kinda put me off at first. Sounded like a typical Irish gangster thingy. But it actually isn't. Yes, there are some heavy scenes but its also very funny and poetic in an odd way. Very well written script and the guy playing Weed in it is fantastic! All round though the acting is very good and the music score doesn't sound like the usual silly paddy-whackery that a lot of Irish film have.

It'll be a cult classic for sure. Check it out.

Reviewed by DRCIRL 10 / 10

Blew me away!

I have watched this film 2 times in 2 festivals as there are so many artistic nuances to it, a second viewing is essential.

The idea, script, acting, score, cinematography and direction really pull this story together and brings your emotions on a roller-coaster ride of empathy with the main characters.

A very Dublinesque film about the struggle to change oneself and make amends.

Reviewed by jasonshane-88759 10 / 10

Excellent Stuff!

Really surprised by this little film. Saw the review in The Guardian the other day and thought why not take a look. I thought it was much better than the 3-star review it received. No recognizable names in it at all but really well acted. Simple story and plot but done excellently well. As low budget films go this is brilliant. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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