Barrio Tales

2012 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 4 10 424

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Glen Powell as Jack
Matt Shively as Trevor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markawelch 1 / 10

Don't waste your time.....

I had high hopes of seeing a movie along the lines of "Tales from the Hood".

However, all I saw was a very low budget combined with mediocre acting.

All in all, it feels as if this is nothing more than an anti-American/pro-illegal immigration film dressed up as a horror anthology.

Worse, it doesn't even have anything worthwhile to say about immigration other than "Gringos" are evil and shouldn't "mess" with Mexicans.

Not recommended.

Reviewed by gd13 1 / 10

Aside from poor acting and a very weak plot, it's just plain racist.

I would give negative stars if possible. Worse than most student films! I'm not trying to be funny or mean here. Like many "ethnic minority" horror anthologies, it's outright racist. Pitting (insert ethnic group) against Whitey. It's predictable, lazy, lacking in any creativity, and totally takes advantage of political correctness & white guilt.

Anyway, aside from being filled with racist venom, the first scene has the rich "white brat" dressed in red white and blue(complete with references to a "Reconquista"). But the acting is really just that bad! And the "plot" is beyond corny, and just unoriginal. I really can't put any other way. It's just that bad. Really, really bad. SPOILERS! For example, in Maria. A maid dies after the rich gringo's kids play a mean and(of coarse)racist prank. Then just cuts to her Grandma, a witch, opening her ojos and punishing those involved. Oooohh! Of coarse, the gringos lone Latino friend is the only "good one". Then there's Tios Tacos. Now take a wild guess at what that one was about. Hint: the tacos main ingredient. Spooookky! Then the last story is about a Mexican-American that helps illegal immigrants, which he refers to as "his People", cross into the U.S. And again, take a wild guess... yep Evil "White Trash" pose as construction contractors and pick them up, and, just think U-Turn. But the righteous gangster brother of this "guide" helps take revenge on those inbred huedos! Complete with rants on how "brown is the new RW&B!" Etc, etc, etc...I mean it's not even "so bad it's good" It's just plain bad! It's not only the rich kids who are evil oppressors, but even the poor "white trash" have nothing better to do than pick on the poor illegal immigrants. Ya know, because protecting Labor Unions, the minimum wage, equal pay for African(or other) Americans that maybe unable afford college, child labor laws, and border security are not legitimate issues. But racist Hispanic bashing. As is preventing labor surpluses or overpopulation. God forbid one points out the fact that the Mexican government, for example, has the means to take care of "It's People" but instead embezzles the money from nationalized oil. Among other corrupt activities. Nope! It's all on whitey!

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 4 / 10

Disappointing and barely worthwhile Anthology effort

Arriving in Mexico to score drugs, two teens are told several stories about the locals in their small border town.

The Good Stor(ies)-Maria: After arriving back home from school, a man finds the new Mexican housekeeper running the house while his parents are away. After his friends arrive, a night of drinking results in her accidental death, though it soon becomes apparent that her grandmother, a vengeful witch, has cursed the carefree college students who caused it. This story works only because it's set-up as the classic jerks that cause the accidental death while the lone sympathizer among the group is punished as well as the guilty party. This is undone in a simple five minute revenge sequence that has no build-up, no gradual revelation of the curse working on the friends, it just comes in and soon turns into the next segment. The curses are enormously chilling and creepy, but the fact that it has to stay light in humor not only means it doesn't get a chance to become more fully developed but comes off as a mere afterthought.

The Bad Stor(ies)-Uncle Tio's Taco Truck: As a series of child disappearances start to hit close to home, a group of friends take solace in a friendly neighbor's booming taco truck service. When one of them gets involved in the disappearances, it dawns on the remaining friends that the local kids may be the cause for the chef's incredibly popular confections. The second is decent enough with a pretty lame mystery surrounding the truck worker but is mishandled with an immediately-recognizable set-up that really swerves no one, is spotted a mile away despite the best efforts to make this plot-point a surprising, suspenseful issue and gets by only with a fine stalking sequence at the end to save it as they engage in a fairly lengthy sequence throughout the house and out into the garage bordering the establishment, providing a few decent if weak gore scenes in the process but is still undone by the rather clichéd approach that runs throughout this.

El Munstro: Following along their daily routine, a group of border-hopper tormentors find a new batch of immigrants sneaking into the US and take them back to their ranch house. Settling in on their torture tactics, they realize too late the error of kidnapping this special group when they begin to fight back against their oppressors. Quite simply, this is quite a lame and rather weak effort with a lot wrong here and very few positive qualities. The segment is utterly atrocious and really doesn't have any value at all, being more of a ploy against illegal border-hopping than anything. It's more of a gang-land style retribution angle than anything to do with horror and really has very little of interest about it. The payback works because they take over for being illegally rounded-up, but it's still not good enough to save this wretched mess of an effort.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, drug use and children-in-peril.

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