Bad Faith

2010 [SWEDISH]

Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4 10 375


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SpannersGerm669 6 / 10

Forgotten art

Movies like this are not made that often these days. When it comes to thrillers, its all about CGI effects, nudity and extreme violence. If that's your type of thing, then Bad Faith is definitely not for you. However, if you love slow burning, atmospheric, throw backs to Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polansky, then Bad Faith is something that will take your interest.

It has a very strange feel to it, but that plays into its favour because the unoriginal story is glossed over by the unusual camera angles and dark environment. You are never quite sure where the director will take you, and although the ending was a bit of a letdown, it still left a rewarding taste in the mouth.

The biggest problem with the film isn't the movie itself, but the type of movie it is. People with low attention spans will overlook this movie, because it substitutes explosions with thinking, but if you appreciate that kind of thing, then Bad Faith should please you.

Reviewed by johan-364 2 / 10

Much ado about nothing

This is a good example of a filmmaker trying to make an artistic film but without being an artist. A Michael Hanneke, Antonioni wannabe.

Its simple and cliché storyline, seen in variations a million times before, is covered with a "style over content" execution.

To say it's boring is an understatement. It's trite and meaningless and cold and offers no new insight into the human psyche (which I believe is its aim).

Inspite of being well photographed, yet overtly gloomy for no other reason than it makes the world look depressing, the overall production is professional yet distant.

Struggling to figure of why anybody fell in love with this script is beyond me.

The feeling is an expensive experiment in meaningless. A work that should have better served as a museum video installation, made in episodes with Goethe quotes.

Reviewed by lundkvist-claes 2 / 10


It is like a students exam work from a film school. As if a film becomes more interesting if it is slow and mystical. Is there any intrigue in this film? I couldn't find it. It is boring. The director Kristian Petri is another culture journalist which at last has got a small budget to make a his film. The bad play is one thing. The requisites another. Two cars meets into a garage; thirty old Saab 900 and Volvo 240. I guess those wrecks were cheap for the production. Other details are very studied, like the white shoes.

Of course the Swedish critics gave good reviews. They all know each other.

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