Baby, It's Cold Inside


Drama / Romance

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Melinda Michael as Bridgette
Jocelyn Hudon as Hannah Fisher
Steve Lund as Ben Wade
Randy Thomas as Louis Chandon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jenrn-09722 2 / 10

Nice location, but lacked a real story

This was another pandemic movie from Hallmark. It had potential, but failed to reach it. There was little to no chemistry between the leads. The story was unbelievable. No kiss until the very end. What happened to Hallmark romance?

The story is: the leading lady jumps in to help the hotel get a good review - because she overheard a conversation between the owner and his hotel manager. The leading lady then proceeds to be more an employee than a love interest. Even the hotel owner's request for her to join him in running a new ice hotel in Finland felt like more of a job offer than a pursuit of a relationship.

The sabotage by the hotel owner's manager near the end had no build up of any type so felt forced and made no sense.

Finally, the ending was very anti-climactic - no big declaration of love or even that they cared for each other - and only one small, chaste, peck. I miss the movies that brought up real feelings, made you care for the characters, really made you cheer for them to get together, and made you feel there was actual passion involved. Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend now because of the pandemic - chaste kisses and very little warmth or physical interaction between the characters. Disappointing.

Reviewed by mamachikn 6 / 10

Nice location, little sentiment, boring.

I've seen this location before in the other Ice Castle Hallmark movie. Since it's a Canadian location, it makes sense.

The story was unusually boring, although the scenes were okay. The lead was overly clumsy, which was a little unnerving. Too klutzy.

And no kissing between the secondary couple when she accepted his marriage proposal! Just bizarre! The loud conversation about a secondary character took place with that person sitting 2 feet away. Just weird.

The leads were not passionate. The ending was boring and fell absolutely flat. It was a travel video, basically, all over the place. The best things were the scenery, including the enchanted lit forest, and the lessons on glassmaking, cooking, and ice sculpture...

Reviewed by RebeccaKeys84 2 / 10

Loud music makes movie even worse than it is

I generally like Hallmark movies for the cheesiness that I've come to expect, but this movie just isn't good. The acting is worse than usual and the plot is cheesier than most, but the worst part is that the music is so ridiculous loud! For some unknown reason, the music in Hallmark movies is always unnecessarily loud, but this one takes the cake. It's like they increased the volume of the music to take away from how terrible everything else is about the movie. I ended up turning it off halfway through.

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