Baai ga jai

1981 [CN]

Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 2984


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Sammo Kam-Bo Hung as Wong Wah-bo
Biao Yuen as Leung Chang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FunkyMunkey106 10 / 10

Best Martial Arts film

This is my favourite marital arts film. A brilliant blend of fighting prowess and slapstick humour.

What makes it so good? Well, I admit that doing (a little) Wing Chun makes me a bit biased, but the training sequences are impressive and informative. The choreography is top notch and more than any other martial arts film I've seen, when the punches and kicks land they actually look painful.

It's also funny with the strange slapstick that only Chinese martial arts films can manage. Even the over-the top make-up (bright purple bruises!) adds to the charm. Basically if you like Martial Arts films this is a must-see.

Reviewed by EchoLeader 10 / 10

Kung Fu at its best

This movie is what every old school kung fu should be about. The action is unpassable. With Yuen Biao, Lam Ching Ying and Sammo Hung in excellent form.

Also the acting is top class, Sammo and Lam Ching work perfectly as feuding brothers and Yuen Biao is convincing in his role as the prodigal son.

The movie is well balanced between humour and drama. Sammo is at his funniest when impressing his daughter (and the audience) with his calligraphy skills, Sammo at his best!

Unlike most Kung Fu movies the story in this one makes some sense and is seamless, there are parrallels between each person and is balanced perfectly between action and moving the story on.

The musical score is also top class, Frankie Chan does a wonderful job, the final fight music is perfectly suited.

A must for any Action fan.

Reviewed by Guardia 9 / 10

"Speechless"... (get it?!)

Excellent period Kung-fu film. It features outstanding Kung-fu scenes, beautiful cinematography, and amusing and clever dialogue.

We follow the "Street Brawler" (Yuen Biao), as he strives to learn martial arts from a master he has selected. The master is reluctant to teach, and the "Street Brawler" must prove his worth somewhat to learn.

Although *slightly* over-plotted, this film has a unique balance of all the important elements one looks for in a Sammo Hung film. The comedy, the innovative and savage Kung-fu, and the unusual dramatic structure.

It is never boring, particularly the start of the film. It is so well made that I could watch at least another hour of this film if it were possible.

Yuen Biao certainly rivals Jackie Chan in this film. It is his second starring role, but it is played with such ability you would never know.

Sure, the ending's a little "syncopated", but the overall effect of this film is too much for any niggling details to harm it. A must-see in this genre.

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