Axeman at Cutter's Creek


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 3.1 10 236


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danocaster 1 / 10

Wow, did this suck!

Midnight Releasing has dropped another cinematic turd on us poor horror fans who just want to see a decent flick! I swear, the acting was porno film quality. It really sits there and for 1 hour and 45 minutes!. I also have to comment on the lousy camera-work. Looks like it was shot on my uncles Hi8 camcorder. This thing reeks of low budget. Maybe no budget.Another thing, it very very very boring. All I wanted was a decent horror movie, it didn't have to be The Exorcist or something, just entertaining.Total waste of time. Yuck! Also, the editing was poor, and the sound wasn't very good. Those kind of things can really ruin the general atmosphere. Anyways, I give it 1.

Reviewed by codenbach23 1 / 10


I am a horror fan. This did not seen like a horror. The acting was terrible. I was expecting a lot of axe slashing (of which there was very little) The good/excellent ratings must be from people who were involved with this flick. Overall I DO Not recommend this unless you have time to kill

Reviewed by dannib89 1 / 10

hard to follow

I was hopeful this would be one of those really awesome budget horrors, it was not. The story line was really hard to follow and didn't really make much sense.

The actors didn't seem to fit the story line, which again didn't really make much sense anyway. A bunch of adults dressing and acting like teenagers - they may as well have had teenage actors and made it a general slasher horror flick. At first I thought they were meant to be in high school but as I was watching, I was realising how old they looked, then one of them mentioned something about "when they were in college" - hinting they are their late 20s. The actors were OK but overacted at times.

The camera work was rubbish, jumping all over the place randomly, if it was on purpose they didn't do it enough to make it obvious - it just seemed like really bad camera work and they just couldn't be bothered to fix it/re-shoot it.

Also the sound on this movie was horrible. you could hear every little thing, especially when they were sitting on the beds or something, you could hear the bed creaking beneath them - this is just one example.

I did think it was cool how they seemed to take inspiration from "Friday 13th" or something similar with the way they shot the movie: how the stabbing was not shown etc - I'm not sure if that was intentional though or just the product of a really low budget.

Overall really bad movie, waste of my time.

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