Await the Dawn


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Dee Wallace as Annie
Courtney Gains as Dr. Hewitt
Bruce Davison as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ravencorinncarluk 2 / 10

From Beyond and Evil Dead 2 had a baby...

...and it was very unloved and abused and mistreated and cast off a cliff like a malformed Spartan baby.

This isn't a good movie. The acting is awful (though Dee Wallace did seem to take it serious, thus put in effort), which goes right in hand with the terrible script. The "interior" of the RV is such a bad set and obviously not the same as the vehicle in the exterior shots. Family melodrama keeps trying to take over from the horror and monsters, but in such a cliched trope of a melodrama. Every time one of the possessed/zombies/mind controlled popped up, I waited for them to say "Dead by dawn. We'll swallow you're soul."

Also, had no one involved in this movie ever seen a heroin addict? I'm sorry, "drug" addict...because being specific about substances would have involved knowing anything about anything.

I did like the creature and blood effects (in a B-flick way). There's even an extra star floating around for that, but you need to activate your pineal gland to see it. And I DID get a tiny smirk out of a monster flick having Drs. Cronen and Berg...because, Cronenberg, get it? Thankfully, the "writer"/"director" spared us the insult of actually pointing it out.

What we WEREN'T spared was the bludgeoning of a character named Howard Philips who worked for Miskatonic Labs. The movie was already based on From Beyond (movie or story, take your pick), so it would have been more appropriate to have him be Crawford Tillinghast. Then the people who know would know, and anyone else would just think it was a strange name in the modern era. But noooooooooooooooo.....couldn't let it slip past the viewers that this is a Lovecraftian horror. Just cram the old H. P. down everyone's throats and pretend you're clever.

And as bad as most of the movie was, the ending was three times as bad. It plodded along being a rip-off that even SyFy wouldn't produce, then took a sharp left turn into horrendous and stupid.

Watch this if you want to see how bad it truly is, but it really is better off never wasting your time. I don't think it could even be a good drinking game with the friends kinda movie.

Reviewed by sucraf 7 / 10

Not Unbearable

The other review person must have some personal beef with the director or someone involved in the movie. The acting was just fine or above average for a b movie. The gore was great. Yes, the story was kind of stupid, but it's a b horror movie. Do you expect an oscar movie? I've watched literately 1000's of horrors and this was pretty decent.

Reviewed by greyfith 2 / 10


I'm sorry, this movie is just terrible. The only redeeming feature in the first 25 minutes was the special effects in the first scene in the bar. I couldn't justify wasting any more of my time.

The acting is terrible. The WRITING is terrible. Character motivations are non-existent and there's no LOGIC to the things they do. If the first 25 minutes are this unreliable, what's the point in continuing?

Senor Pablo, pick one thing and do it well. If you spent more time actually perfecting your craft instead of making sure your pretentious full name is credited for every last little thing you could possibly dip your fingers into, you might create something better than a C.

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