Audrie & Daisy



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 5931

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zebb67 10 / 10

Important & Horrifying Documentary

A tragic and infuriating documentary about two teenage girls who first faced sexual assault and then became pariahs (along with their families) for having the audacity to anger one of the city's most important families. But the most disgusting part of this film deal with the horrid sheriff slut-shaming the victims while defending the rapists because, hey, boys will be boys and the girls asked fro it anyway. The fact that creeps such as this still hold positions of power in this country, albeit a conservative part of the country, is even more disheartening. The fact that some find a documentary about two, victimized teenage girls 'liberal propaganda'...well, these are the ones with political agendas that ignores the facts. People who explain away rape and humiliation of teen girls are potential offenders in my opinion. A must-see for parents and their children say 12 and up.

Reviewed by ptlcan-18906 9 / 10

Should be mandatory viewing in schools...

In some ways the most horrifying aspects of this film are not the details of what happened but the aftermath. In the case of Daisy Coleman, the community and local law enforcement colluded to shield the young men and shame and exclude the Coleman family. The Sheriff all but stated the two girls were somehow equally responsible for what happened and that Melinda Coleman was nutty. In the case of Audrey Potts the two main participants came across as completely lacking in remorse of understanding. At one point on of the two young men involved in the Potts assault says the biggest thing he learned out of the experience was that "girls gossip and boys are more laid back". Most people with any empathy will want to punch both the Mayor and Sheriff in the face. Maryville Missouri looks like a pretty corrupt place. The Potts lost their daughter and the reality is assaults against young women especially when alcohol is involved happen every day.

The one hopeful thing that comes out of this is that Coleman, the Potts family and others have all become advocates for others.

Reviewed by ricewithaspoon 9 / 10

left speechless

I don't know what hits me more.. the apology of one of the guys that included that he learned "that girls gossip a lot more & guys are more laid back"? or the maryland prosecutor dropping the charges? the police-man's comment saying the girl was as much at fault as the guy? or the bullying? or the maryland politician (?) asking why the media explodes about this but doesn't report that they built a lake and golf course being under the best 100 in america?

...or some of the comments on here criticizing 'the condescending tone' in the documentary and questioning the 'agenda' of making it...

i am thunderstruck, at loss for words..

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