Arrival II


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.9 10 2758

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Jane Sibbett as Bridget Riordan
Patrick Muldoon as Jack Addison
Michael Sarrazin as Prof. Nelson Zarcoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ozthegreatat42330 4 / 10

I hate to agree with the others but this sequel is the pits.

After seeing the Arrival I was looking forward to this one. I notice that the studio claims proudly that they only spent a quarter of the budget on this film that they did on the first one. And it shows it. The casting was bad, the acting is laughable and the script was downright idiotic.

The premise here is that sometime after the end of the first film, Charlie Sheen's character is killed off. He leaves clues for his brother to find out what is going on. It is all down hill from there. The sfx were OK but that is about all. they really wasted five reels of Kodak film stock on this one. I'd safely say give it a miss, unless you are a glutton for punishment.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 2 / 10

Weak Dialog, Characters Make This Sequel A Loser

I liked "The Arrival," but this is a weak sequel. Lead actor Charlie Sheen is gone from the first movie and all that's left, except for Michael Sarrazin, are no-name actors. Actually, Sarrazin hasn't been seen much of in recent years, either.

The movie does have some decent special effects and good good suspense, both of which make it fairly interesting and fast-moving. The problem is weak dialog and generally unlikeable characters, the worst being the obnoxious reporter played by Jane Sibbett. She was just downright annoying, ruining some of the enjoyment of watching this. Patrick Muldoon's character is a bit too sleazy, too. Cahterine Blythe was involved in some gratuitous sex scene, which accounts for the "R" rating.

For people who liked "The Arrival," many of them (me included) got stuck with this one added to that on the double-featured DVD.

Reviewed by BlackMonk 2 / 10


This movie pales in comparison to the first Arrival, which pleasantly surprised me the first time I saw it. This garbage, Second Arrival, was not even barely believable and should never have been made. What makes actors and actresses read such bad movie scripts and say to themselves, "Yeah! That's the kind of movie I wanna make--a real crappy one! That'll boost my resume!" Don't waste your time watching this tripe.

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