Army of the Dead


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 105331


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Albert Valladares as Alpha General
Danielle Burgio as Soccer Mom
Kelly Phelan as Zombie Showgirl
Ryan Watson as High roller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t-feier 4 / 10

Messy, uninspired waste of time

Unlike the movie, I'll keep it short: I know this is a zombie movie and didnt expect anything but a fun, gory popcorn flick. But oh boy, was I setting myself up for disappointment. The movie is so full of tired cliches, lazy tropes, bad dialogue and plot holes that its basically unwatchable.

If someone had just taken the time to correct some of the obvious errors and cut that bloated film down to 90 minutes it could have been great entertainment. But whoever was is charge here didnt care and what we got instead is an uninspired mess that just keeps dragging on.

The sad part is that the movie had some cool ideas and a lot of people clearly put a lot of love into it. The actors are doing the best they can, special and pracitcal effects are cool and so are props and costumes. But that alone cant change the fact that script and editing are horrible. To add insult to injury the ending was completly unrewarding and left me feeling tired and annoyed.

So even if you're just looking for entertainment: Dont watch this movie! Its an insulting waste of time.

Reviewed by ioneebrijanareid 3 / 10

Where is Geeta?

No seriously.

Watch the whole movie.

Then ask yourself, where is Geeta?

Reviewed by deepkumar-spider 1 / 10

Why was the Daughter character created in the first place?!

The Girl who plays the daughter of Dave does nothing, She probably deserved to die first, & what's with her connection with the random lady called Geetha?!

She let her team in danger for some random lady and at the end she didn't even rescue her, What a piece of garbage this movie was for saving the girl who was hated by most of the audience...

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