Aquarium of the Dead


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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D.C. Douglas as Daniel
Erica Duke as Beth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephanie_wal-04572 4 / 10

Cheesy but fun

The acting was predicable but I enjoyed it. A lot of comedic performances.

Reviewed by davidm-14 4 / 10

rounds out the trilogy nicely - Aieeeeee! starfish! run!

This is the 3rd entry in the "zoombies" film trilogy, and the MCU should be rightfully embarrassed.

In each film, the zombie plague occurs, just to animals, however, still leaving humans as the prey. No, the human victims don't seem to come back as zoombies themselves, they get to stay dead.

One thing to bear in mind while watching these 3 films (because, why aren't you doing that?), is that they were made on a shoestring budget. In this one, for instance, i laughed when a couple of characters were stopped by zombified river otters, which were apparently too complicated to animate by the SFX crew, because it cuts to the characters having run away from the otters and saying something like "wow, could you believe that?". I didn't, because i saw none of it on screen. I did appreciate, in this time, that they probably got the aquarium to film in inexpensively because it was likely shot during the pandemic, so there weren't any people visiting at the time. I bet we see a few more movies like this where ingenious film makers took advantage of hiring shooting locales on the cheap.

Other than just taking it all in and appreciating the goofy wonderfulness of these movies (certainly more entertaining than "sharknado"), which gets a little nod in this film because - sharks, it's silly fun, and that's all it needs to be.

Reviewed by ops-52535 2 / 10

reviewer haakonsen couldnt have said it better...

, just claim that this film is made due to the unfortunate pandemic that hit the aquarium industry in lockdown and financial ruin, which led to the unfortunate making of this mumbo jumbo horror thriller because they had it almost for free admission, cause the aquarium exists, and wouldve been rather expensive background to hire when under normal conditions. So most of all its an unfortunate product smashed into mums meat grinder and out comes stupid acting, senselessly stupid story, and special effects that would impress davinci inside his camera obscura some hundred years ago.

Do not watch is the message from the grumpy old man, and thank you paul for your good analyses.

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