Ape vs. Monster


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1 / 10

Worst of Asylum

I know this question may seem preposterous, but is Asylum going downhill ? Sure their movies are garbage, but usually entertaining garbage. Not this one ! If you watch the preview you will see that they spent a bit more money on the CGI here, say $200 as opposed to the $20 they usually budget for special effects, but that trailer contains about all the special effects and computer generated monsters you are going to see. The rest is just one long boring story that had me nodding off over and over. This movie also proves to me something I have felt before, when The Asylum uses actresses to carry the story, it just does not work. Maybe watching men make fools out of themselves in these stupid films is more rewarding ? Eric Roberts seems to be turning up in more of these low budget films but he adds nothing except a recognizable name in an advertisement. The whole movie is just pathetic. I wish it had been so bad it was funny, it is not.

Reviewed by neuroticpeacecorpse 1 / 10

Very bad.

The ape in a 40 yr old Donkey Kong game looks more realistic than this. And the very talented Eric Roberts couldn't save this movie. I couldn't watch more then 15 minutes so I don't know who won this.

Reviewed by zrsuhail 2 / 10

Bad CGI Cringe acting

I wonder if the makers even watched this before releasing it to public. The bad CGI took the last bit from it. Worst of its kind.

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