Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble


Comedy / Romance

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Frank Faylen as Taxi Driver #2
Jean Porter as Katy Anderson
Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy
Sara Haden as Aunt Milly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Maleejandra 8 / 10

Great Addition to Series

Andy Hardy is at it again, and this film takes up right where the last one left off. Andy (Mickey Rooney) is on board a train heading toward Wainwright College, the place where his father (Lewis Stone) made a name for himself years before. Andy has sworn off girls to focus on his studies, that is until he learns that the school has gone co-ed. First he meets Kay (Bonita Granville), a beautiful girl whose maturity causes problems for Andy. Also, he meets a blonde who seems to hate him one moment and love him the next. This girl turns out to be two girls (Lee and Lyn Wilde), twins masquerading as one person. Besides problems with girls, Andy faces issues with an older man (Herbert Marshall) who is not who he seems to be. At home, Judge Hardy battles sickness and a new doctor (Keye Luke) while Mother Hardy (Fay Holden) misses her son.

This is a truly enjoyable film; nothing special happens, but it retains the upbeat attitude of the other films in the series. The cast is wonderful, though Rooney's personality seems to have waned a bit to show off the talents of the women in the cast, especially the twins. They're beautiful and funny, adding a welcome new dimension to the movie.

One strange part of the movie are the scenes with the doctor. He is a Chinese man, and everyone in the cast seems to think this is strange and frightening. However, Luke's character takes their stares well and proves himself to be an intelligent and clever member of the cast.

Reviewed by utgard14 6 / 10

"I've been kissed before and I expect to be kissed again."

Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) starts Wainwright College, his father's alma mater. He gets into trouble with a couple of mischievous blonde twins and clashes with the dean (Herbert Marshall) over a pretty coed (Bonita Granville) both are attracted to.

Fourteenth entry in the Andy Hardy series. The last film from director George B. Seitz, who died a couple of months after this was released. Seitz had directed most of the Andy Hardy films up to this point. The Hardy series always had cute girls and this one is no exception. Bonita Granville is pretty and likable. Twins Lee and Lyn Wilde are absolutely adorable and very much steal the movie. Also features a crossover with the Dr. Gillespie series via the appearance of Keye Luke's Dr. Lee Wong Howe. The Hardy series and the Kildare/Gillespie series were MGM's best from the late '30s to the mid '40s so it's a nice bonus for fans of both.

One of the lesser Andy Hardy movies. It goes on too long and is in desperate need of some trimming. The movie spends about twenty more minutes on the train to the school than it needed to, plus too much time spent on new characters and too little time spent on the Hardy family back home. Anyway, it's still enjoyable, innocent fun. If you're a fan you're likely to be pleased. But this isn't a good jumping-on point for new viewers.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Not among the better episodes.

"Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble" begins with Andy on a train bound for Wainwright College, as he just graduated high school in the previous film. The filmmakers made a poor choice here, as way too much of the story takes place aboard the train....making for a rather slow portion of the film. The bottom line is that he meets a lovely girl (Bonita Granville) and her guardian (Herbert Marshall) and strikes up a friendship....and not knowing that the guardian already knows Andy...or at least knows of him. Additionally, he meets two lovely blondes...not realizing they are identical twins and thinking they are one very odd girl. There's more to it than this but overall the story, while enjoyable, drags and certainly could have been better. Worth seeing if you love the series but not exactly a high point in the series.

By the way, if you do watch it note the character Dr. Lee (Keye Luke)...he plays the same exact character in another long-running MGM series...the Dr. Kildare/Dr. Gillespie films.

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