Andy Hardy Meets Debutante


Action / Comedy / Family / Romance

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Judy Garland as Betsy Booth
Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy
Sara Haden as Aunt Milly
Ann Rutherford as Polly Benedict
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

The Hardys In New York On Business And Pleasure

Just by the title alone you know that Mickey Rooney is once again going to have some woman trouble. Andy Hardy Meets Debutante has the Hardy family going to New York to make a holiday of it because Lewis Stone has a court case there. Judge Hardy is stepping off the bench in Carvel and going to New York to represent an orphanage in Carvel that is in danger of closing due to a loophole in a trust agreement the Judge drew up while he was still in private practice.

Rooney is once again putting his steady girlfriend Ann Rutherford on hold again while he fantasizes about Diana Lewis who is a Paris Hilton type débutante. When the Hardys arrive in New York they stay with Judy Garland's family whom we met in a previous Hardy film. And of course Andy in his naive way makes a huge fool of himself a few different ways in the film.

Judy Garland's two songs are the highlight of the film. She sings I'm Nobody's Baby written for this film and Alone which MGM owned the copyright for having been sung most memorably by Allan Jones in A Night At The Opera. As it turns out she knows Diana Lewis and Judy plays little Miss Fixit and cures Rooney of his puppy love. Of course you know the next Hardy film, he'll be back and involved in some other romantic mess. Why Ann Rutherford just didn't give that boy the heave-ho is one of the screen's greatest mysteries.

There is also a very touching scene one of the best father and son moments with Lewis Stone and Mickey Rooney when they visit New York City's Hall Of Fame at New York University Bronx campus. Rooney is wishing that the Hardys who are big-shots in Carvel had a little more class and were mixing easily in society with Diana Lewis's crowd. Stone gives him a most stern lecture about all the people in that Hall of Fame who started from nothing and made the country what it is. It was one of the best patriotic moments in an era where the screen was starting to fill with such sentiments I've ever seen.

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante still holds up well and should be seen for Judy Garland's singing and Lewis Stone's very unsentimental but very real lecture on the spirit of America.

Reviewed by utgard14 7 / 10

"You're a swell guy, Dad, but I often wonder how far you'd have gone in this world if you had married a woman like Cleopatra."

Andy's got a crush on famous New York socialite Daphne Fowler (Diana Lewis) and brags to Polly and Beezy that he knows her. Judge Hardy has to go to New York to save the Carvel orphanage and decides to bring the family along. When Andy's friends hear about this, they expect him to bring back photographic proof of his romance with Daphne. Once in New York, he gets help from his friend Betsy Booth (Judy Garland), who's grown up some and still in love with Andy.

The ninth entry in the MGM Andy Hardy film series is a good one. Probably the most quotable of the Hardy movies. Lots of funny lines ("We're not hillbillies. We wear shoes every day."). Mickey Rooney is terrific. Andy always had to learn life lessons in these movies but here he learns them all the hard way and Mickey does a fantastic job making Andy sympathetic while making us shake our heads at him at the same time. Judy Garland reprises her role as Betsy Booth from earlier in the series. She's a joy to watch and has great chemistry with Mickey. She gets to sing a couple of nice songs, too. Clyde Wilson steals his few scenes as the orphan Francis, who gets man-to-man advice from Andy. Cy Kendall has a good part as the owner of a fancy restaurant who gives Andy a tongue lashing for running up a bill pretending to be a big shot ("I've got eight dollars in my bankroll and with eight dollars I could buy the Club Sirocco."). A really good entry in the series with quality writing and solid performances from everybody.

Reviewed by tavm 9 / 10

Judy Garland makes a more appealing impression in her second appearance in a Judge Hardy's Family entry-Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

A lot had happened between Judy Garland's first appearance in the Judge Hardy's Family series-in 1938's Love Finds Andy Hardy-and her second appearance in this one that I'm now reviewing. The year before this one, she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz which, while not a blockbuster on the Gone with the Wind scale, would eventually become a classic perhaps due to CBS's annual showings from the '50s to the late '90s. She had also teamed equally with Mickey Rooney in the first of their "let's-put-on-a-show" musicals called Babes in Arms. So when she appeared as Betsy Booth again here, she seemed more poised and naturally sophisticated. And her scenes with Rooney were among the best in the movie culminating in a possible romance between them near the end. In fact, unlike previous entries, this one doesn't start with Judge Hardy in court session nor end with Andy reuniting with Polly by kissing her (though, of course, they do get back together). While Andy does seem to fall for Betsy though, most of the plot concerns his getting in trouble by lying about knowing New York socialite Daphne Fowler (Diana Lewis) and trying to get to her. The humor is more subdued here but it's still there like when Andy goes to a fancy restaurant and just orders the specials without considering the prices! It's especially noticeable when Andy and Marion don't argue like they usually do! Anyway, largely because of the special bond between Judy and Mickey and of hearing Judy's wonderful singing voice on two songs here, I highly recommend Andy Hardy Meets Debutante.

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