Anche se volessi lavorare, che faccio?

1972 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ONenslo 7 / 10

Aimless but endearing dramedy

If I wanted to work, what would I do? A group of unskilled and unmotivated young men in a remote Italian hilltop village, who survive by participating in the local industry of selling plundered Etruscan artifacts on the black market, decide to go for the big score by robbing the local archaeological museum. They ally themselves with a self-described local expert and professional grave-robber - but his Evil Eye brings chaos and disaster wherever he goes and he won't hesitate to betray everyone he possibly can for his own benefit. Luckily for them all, the local authorities feud over jurisdiction to the point of making themselves utterly incompetent and farcical. The settings are consistently photogenic and fascinating and the young men are appealing and witty. Pasolini's muse Ninetto Davoli, always charismatic, is pursued by an eccentric young woman, and the minor characters are unique and interesting. I think they were trying to go a little more improv and less plotted with this, and it seems as if they didn't really know how to end it, but it never becomes uninteresting, and provides a window into a region and way of life rarely seen.

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